Note for Xara owners: The Update Service applies if you purchase Xara Designer Pro X, Photo & Graphic Designer or Web Designer Premium from our distribution partner Magix. If instead you have subscribed with Xara to Designer Pro+, Web Designer+, Photo & Graphic Designer+ (see below for more info) or Xara Cloud+ (a bundle of our online editing and collaboration service Xara Cloud and Designer Pro+) then the Online Content Catalog is available for as long as you have an active subscription, and updates to the software and templates are delivered more frequently, as we develop them.

The Update Service from Magix can be renewed annually and works like this:

  • You receive a perpetual license to the very latest version at the time of initial purchase. It includes 1 year of Update Service
  • We continue optimizing and developing software which includes the Update Service. Magix will release new features and templates 2-3 times throughout the year
  • If you have an active Update Service you will have access to these new features and content as soon as Magix release them.
The Update Service also gives you access to our Online Content Catalog, a huge selection of templates, SmartShapes, stock photos & more. You can find detailed info on our Update Service, the Online Content Catalog and our offers on hosting here.

Xara Web Designer+ is unlike any web design software you'll have seen before; an easy template based solution that gives you total page design freedom, no HTML skills required. It offers comprehensive WYSIWYG web graphic, web page, website and web presentation creation.
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer+ is the perfect choice for all your photo editing and graphic design work, with powerful photo editing and enhancement features, and truly flexible illustration and design tools.
Designer Pro+ is a fully integrated single package solution for all your graphic design needs, for print and the web. It combines all the features and templates of our other desktop titles, offering the best in illustration, photo editing, DTP and document creation, web graphic and website design.

Designer Pro+ is available stand-alone, or in a great value bundle with Xara Cloud called Xara Cloud Pro+.