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Xara Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

August 19, 2011

Xara Celebrates its 30th Anniversary with 30 Days of Birthday Presents!

Xara is celebrating its 30th anniversary with a series of very special offers for new and existing customers.

For all 30 days there will be birthday giveaways with all purchases of Xara’s key titles. For example there will be 3 photos a day for 7 days from Fotolia, worth \$210 or more (customer’s choice from Fotolia’s subscription collection of over 12 million quality photos) and free photo clipart with all new purchases of Xara Designer Pro.  Xara Photo & Graphic Designer will also include free Fotolia photos, Xara 3D Maker free fonts, and Xara Web Designer will come with free web page and website templates.

And there will be plenty of other offers during the month, including upgrade deals and a very special offer on the MAGIX music and video titles now sold by Xara.

Xara  was formed in 1981 as Computer Concepts, making it one of the world’s oldest continuously trading software companies. Its first highly successful software, the word-processor Wordwise, secured its place as the major software developer for the Acorn BBC micro, one of the first micro computers in the world.  Since then Xara has developed a wide range of products covering the whole realm of publishing and graphics software, constantly building on its reputation for speed, quality and reliability, currently supporting products used by more than 2 ½  million customers worldwide.

“I have been a loyal user since 1996, and Xara keeps getting better and better.  The programs offer a solid set of tools for vector and bitmap editing and I typically use them for DTP, web design and compositing. Xara unseated Corel as my primary “go to” package for that type of work.” Says Tony Thomas, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Tony Thomas' TechTrends

Xara has a particularly strong technology and innovation history. It pioneered many of the graphics technologies and techniques now standard in the industry today such as anti-aliased vector graphics, vector transparency, object feathering, etc. Many of its user interface techniques have been adopted by the industry.

With over 100 software titles, many of them internationally successful, Xara is truly a formidable software company.

Charles Moir, Founder and MD of Xara Group Ltd said, "When I started this business, leading edge computers had 16Kbytes of memory - and that was enough for me to create a fully functional word processor which was one of the company's most successful early products.

At the time it was impossible to imagine desktop computers with 10,000 times more RAM, and storage and processors running 1000 times faster. The fact that the phone in your pocket can now have all this shows what an incredible ride the last 30 years has been.

Xara as a software developer has survived those 30 years making us one of the very few companies still in existence from those early days. The values that made our products stand-out then are exactly the same as now - the best value, the best performance, and the easiest to use software you can buy."

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About Xara Group Ltd

Xara has been at the cutting edge of software design since 1981, specializing in creative design and publishing solutions, with award winning titles from the era of the BBC Micro right up to and including the latest cloud based, online services. Innovations have included technology firsts such as the first real time anti-aliasing & transparency controls, and spell check as you type. Xara Cloud is the latest venture, the culmination of decades in software design for the publishing industry. You can find more information about the latest updates on the website of our official worldwide reseller


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