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Xara announces the launch of Xara Web Designer 7

March 23, 2011

Xara today released Xara Web Designer 7 and a new more advanced version called Xara Web Designer 7 Premium.  Xara Web Designer allows free-form, anything-anywhere web page design and is perfect for creating graphical webpages containing text, graphics, photos, widgets and Flash. Xara Web Designer Premium offers a host of additional exciting new and innovative features that enable novices and web designers to quickly create and optimize content for greater impact on the web.

Xara Web Designer 7 includes customizable web graphics, web page and website template designs plus tools for creating vector graphics, for photo editing (an integrated ultra-fast, non-destructive photo tool), and for advanced text layout including text wrap around objects and a check-as-you-type spell checker.

All aspects of the design can be customized. Users can re-arrange all page elements, add their own text, graphics and photos, anywhere on the page. It's genuinely WYSIWYG, what you see in Xara Web Designer is exactly what you get on the web page. Xara Web Designer provides fast single-click re-coloring of all graphical elements throughout the entire website. The Designs Gallery includes a collection of widgets to add more dynamic functionality to the website. Site upload is covered too and there's even a free web hosting offer from MAGIX Online World! 

Many improvements have been made to make it even easier to create a website in either version. For example, the user interface has been enhanced for page management and gallery docking, there’s a new ‘magic’ snap for object alignment, footers now automatically move as the page is resized, graphics and photos can be anchored into flowing text, and repeating objects – such as NavBars, headers and footers – automatically update throughout the document with just a single edit.

There are many new template designs and customizable graphics. Web pages can now be edited in single or multi-page view, and previewed instantly in the 5 most popular web browsers. Favicons are easy to add to web pages and for extra promotional exposure users can add their website to the Web Designer Website Gallery.

Xara Web Designer 7 Premium offers some more advanced web and graphic design functions. For example it is easy to add a wide range of animated effects to a website. With Premium you can create effective flash animations, and/or Javascript based animated transitions can be added to any page link or pop-up layer. Websites can be made more eye-catching and dynamic with a range of new smart widgets that enable slick photo and text animations to be added to web pages without the need for any coding knowledge. Other Premium benefits include the automatic creation of Sitemaps for search engines on export, and support for HTML5 video.

Xara Web Designer 7 includes many customizable graphic templates and a good set of basic drawing tools, but Xara Web Designer 7 Premium includes a range of additional graphic creation tools for those who wish to create their own graphics from scratch. These include freehand and quick-shape drawing tools, shadow, bevel and mould tools, 3D extrude and feathering. Plus additional photo features such as red-eye removal and content aware scaling.

Xara Web Designer 7 Premium takes web authoring and publishing to a new level with capabilities such as an innovative web slide-show style presentation feature, suitable for both website presentations and remote presentations to an invited audience.

Managing Director, Charles Moir said, “With V7 we're now releasing two new versions of Web Designer, already one of the most successful Xara products of all time.  We've improved dozens of features, and updated the user-interface to make it even easier to create beautiful websites. The new Premium version includes a real innovation: you can create PowerPoint-like presentations for the web, either as a stand-alone presentation (the viewer can step through at their own speed) or as a remote 'webinar' where  one person controls the presentation for invited guest viewers.  And unlike PowerPoint or other Webinar software, there's no download required, or software to install in order to view the animated presentation - it's just a web page!”

Xara Web Designer 7 combines time-saving workflow and productivity features with easy to use creative tools, and enables designers and developers to publish a truly professional website with creative content and maximum impact.

Xara Web Designer 7 costs just \$49.99 or €49.99 (inc VAT) for EU and £39.99 (inc VAT) for the UK.
Xara Web Designer 7 Premium costs just \$99.99 or €99.99 (inc VAT) for EU and £89.99 (inc VAT) for the UK.
Existing Xara Web Designer 6 users can upgrade for \$39.99, €39.99 (incl VAT) and £29.99 (incl VAT).
It operates on Windows XP, Vista and7 and requires 256MB of RAM and 400MB hard-disk space.

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