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Xara releases Xara Web Designer

March 04, 2009

​Launched today is the new Xara Web Designer that is unlike any other web page software; it allows complete free-form, anything, anywhere web page design. It does this with absolutely no HTML or JavaScript skills required. Xara Web Designer is perfect for creating graphical webpages containing text, graphics, photos, widgets and Flash.

For the novice or time-restricted user it includes a set of ready-made professionally designed templates and graphics. The customizable graphics include headings, navigation buttons, logos, text panels and speech bubbles that can be simply dragged and dropped from the Designs Gallery onto the page. Buttons and headings dragged onto the page will automatically assume the theme color.

All aspects of the design can be customized. Users can re-arrange all page elements, add their own text, graphics and photos anywhere. It's genuinely WYSIWYG, what you see in Xara Web Designer is exactly what you get on your web page.

Xara Web Designer introduces a number of new innovative web authoring software features. It's the first to provide automatic text flow around photos and even irregular shapes. What has until now been almost impossibly difficult in other web authoring tools, creating irregular edged text flows, is now easy.

Included are graphics tools to allow creation and free mixing of vector graphics, photos and text, anywhere on the page. Having to use two or three separate software applications, one for your graphics, one for optimizing photos and your HTML editing tool, is a thing of the past. This single low-cost software provides all three - resolution independent vector graphics, ultra-fast photo editing and optimisation, and text layout all producing the HTML for your website.

The integrated, non destructive, ultra fast photo tool has many enhancement functions including automatic adjustment of photos to the correct web resolution.

The powerful text tool provides easy text entry as single lines or as columns with auto text flow between columns or pages and text flow around objects. There's also a check-as-you-type spell checker.

Xara Web Designer is unique in providing single-click re-coloring of all graphical elements throughout the entire website. You can take any template and re-color it or your entire website to your personal taste in a second or two.

Xara Web Designer can intelligently adapt graphics such as buttons and heading to accommodate any label text - stretching as you type, and automatically creates optimized graphics. So a process of creating highly detailed, graphical elements such as a button, customized to accommodate any length text, in any color, is now possible in a few few seconds, with no graphics skills at all.

Xara Web Designer offers automatic CSS layer creation (including semi-transparent objects), easy rollover and pop-up effects, photo thumbnails and more.

Very efficient Flash animations can easily be created with Xara Web Designer and users can also add widgets to their site such as Googlemaps, YouTube movies, Picasa photo albums, newsfeeds and many, many more. Using a simple FTP upload the website can be published in seconds.

Managing Director, Charles Moir says, "The few professional web designers that have seen demonstrations of early versions have stood open-mouthed. They have just one question - how on earth can it do that?

For professional designers Xara Web Designer can act as a supreme Rapid Prototyping Tool. But the largest market for us is consumers who want great looking website who do not know, and don't want to know, anything about HTML, graphics creations, JavaScript etc.

For the consumer, the ability to customize any of the large range of ready made templates is perfect. Xara's unique 'flow-around' text and automatically stretching buttons and panels, automatic creation of optimized graphics (such as buttons, headings etc - in whatever theme colour they like) means anyone can create a really high quality website, customized to their exact needs - and they need know nothing whatsoever about HTML.

For the designer Xara Web Designer provides unprecedented design freedom. Absolute freedom to place anything anywhere on the page, to mix text, graphics, photos, to wrap text around irregular shapes. It produces cross browser, W3C compliant, XHTML, and things like pop-ups, mouse-over effects are all easy.

I believe Web Designer is a revolutionary product." concluded Charles Moir.

Xara Web Designer costs just \$49 for US customers, £39 for UK (inc VAT) and €39 (inc VAT) for the EU.
It operates on Windows XP/Vista

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For more details or a review copy of Xara Web Designer please contact: Nova Fisher, [email protected] Tel: +44 1392 209509

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