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Xara releases Xtreme Pro

November 28, 2006

​Xara is pleased to announce the release of the most powerful member of the Xara X family - Xara Xtreme Pro which they believe to be the most versatile graphics software and it comes at a price to suit any Professional's pocket.

This new release builds on Xara Xtreme, the world's highest performance graphics software, and adds new Flash creation facilities, multi-page support and pre-press capabilities among many other useful features for the pro designer.

Charles Moir, CEO of Xara said "Xara Xtreme Pro is not designed to compete with the likes of InDesign or Quark Xpress, or Adobe's professional Flash authoring tools. We know most designers don't need or even want to get into scripting Flash - they are designers not programmers. Xara Xtreme has been acclaimed as the easiest to use vector graphics software by reviewers and users alike, and since Flash is a vector technology it's a perfect fit. Xara has produced a really simple, cost effective innovative approach to creating Flash animations".

"DTP products are gradually introducing more graphics capabilities. The latest Quark, for example, has introduced basic line drawing and transparency features that Xara has had for 12 years. Xara Xtreme is coming from the other side - primarily a graphics program adding DTP capabilities."

"Since most flyers, small leaflets, newsletters and the like incorporate a lot of graphics and photos, I believe it is fundamentally wrong to force users to buy two separate programs - graphics software and DTP software. Xara will continue to work towards complete seamless integration of both worlds."

"In summary, Xara Xtreme Pro brings better file interchange, better pre-press support for document production, simple Flash authoring and multi-page support. And it does all this and at a price that is a small fraction of the alternatives", concluded Charles Moir.

Xara Xtreme Pro has all of the features of Xara Xtreme with the addition of:

Key new features

Dramatically improved file interchange Dramatically enhanced pre-press capabilities: Performance
Xara Xtreme remains, far and away, the highest performance graphics application, putting market leading vector products to shame. See

Xara Xtreme Pro has an SRP of \$199 USD + tax and shipping

Xara Xtreme will continue to be sold with an SRP of \$79 + tax and shipping. This general consumer version does not have the professional features listed here.


For more details or a beta version of Xara Xtreme Pro please contact: Nova Fisher, [email protected] Tel: +44 1392 209509

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