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New template pack 5 for Webstyle 4

July 07, 2006

London, England - 7th July, 2006 - In response to popular customer demand, Xara has today released a fifth template pack for Webstyle 4, its popular and easy-to-use web graphics software.

Webstyle works by offering a huge range of fully customizable graphic template designs, including all the commonly used elements of a website such as NavBars & menus, banner ads, logos, buttons and even complete page layouts. Because Webstyle is template driven, it is able to keep users at the cutting edge of website design with the introduction of new templates that reflect constantly changing trends.

The new template pack contains 5 totally new web page designs, each with up to 9 different layouts including a photo gallery page, plus a collection of new standalone heading designs.

The template designs and page layouts are produced by professional web designers who are briefed to create a contemporary graphical look and feel with a variety of layout options to suit a wide range of common content. The graphical elements are highly optimized to ensure rapid loading of the finished page. The user can then easily customize the colors, text, fonts and size to suit their particular demands - and because the original templates are vector graphics there is absolutely no loss of quality, unlike most template collections.

Webstyle also includes an easy-to-use and fast photo-enhancement tool. Its one-click auto-enhance automatically optimizes the contrast, brightness, sharpness and color saturation of the imported photos, saving hours of experimentation.

Webstyle's unique combination of professional quality graphic design with a quick and easy template-based approach make it equally suited for both time-pressed pro designers and web graphics novices alike.

"Our aim with Webstyle is to make it possible for absolutely anyone to create top-quality graphics and photos quickly and easily for their website, regardless of their technical or artistic skills. Webstyle 4 follows in the Xara tradition of creating innovative, industry-leading technology that remains incredibly simple to use," says Charles Moir, Managing Director of Xara. "This latest template pack includes some of our strongest designs yet and we are confident that our users will adopt them with great enthusiasm".

The Xara Webstyle 4 Template Pack 5 costs just \$19.95. A bundle of all 5 template packs cost only \$49.95, with discounts for owners of previous packs (all prices are + VAT in Europe).

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