"I've always enjoyed drawing and art through the years. For most of my life though I just didn't have the time to indulge that hobby. When I did get to the point where I had all the time I wanted I took up drawing graphic illustrations of my favorite topic, machines.

After discovering Xara vector software 12 years ago I immediately started to see its advantages. It's a very intuitive and easy to learn piece of software. For drawing mechanical machines I found Xara vectors gave me a much greater control and precision over what I was drawing than raster could. Xara is the program of choice now for all my drawings. The illustrations I create are usually a mix of Xara vectors and raster paint work. The main subjects in each illustration are 100% vector with the backgrounds a 50/50 mix of vector and raster.

The use of vectors is a big plus when printing large illustrations. The images in print formats larger than 30" still come out crisp and clear. I'd be lost now without my Xara vector software."

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