​I have been using Xara in various guises since XaraStudio, the discovery of which saved my PC at the time as I was about to ditch it and return to my pencils and perpetually blocked Rotring Pens.  I failed to see how I was ever going to produce anything using this new fangled computer nonsense.

Xtreme now forms the mainstay of my deliberately very limited tool box and I am able to earn a satisfactory living using little else.  Whether I am designing fairly pedestrian office stationary or flyers, producing a web site or illustrations, it’s Xtreme that I use to do it.

The examples in this gallery are all Xtreme drawn illustrations with the exception of one, (Bridge photo.) which was an otherwise rather flat grey skied and boring photograph of a canal towpath in the Midlands which had life breathed into it by using Xtreme to replace the sky and enhance both the colour and contrast etc to lift it to a level where it won a competition.  Don’t underestimate Xtreme’s versatility when it comes to working with photographs.

I wouldn’t, couldn’t be without it.

All images copyright © Derek Cooper and may not be copied or reproduced in any manner without the written permission of the artist.