Photo & Graphic Designer includes a large collection of fully customizable templates in the Online Content Catalog (provided as part of the Update Service).

On this page we include a small selection from several of the template categories to give you an idea of the of variety available. Click on the thumbnail to see larger versions.

Social Media

YouTube Channel Art
Instagram Photo Size
Twitter Profile Photo
Google+ Cover Photo
Facebook Cover Photo

Photo Grids

16:9 Photo Grid 24
Smart Photo Grid 2
Static Photo Grid 8
Smart Photo Grid 7
Smart Photo Grid 5

Print Templates

Father's Day
Save The Date
Gift Voucher 2
Gift Voucher 3
Gift Voucher

Page Components

Example Timelines
Misc Graphics Examples
Chart 2
Buttons 2
Example Rings
Example Arrows
Bullets and Numbers
Example Grey Icons

Photo & Text Panels

Photo Text Panel 3
Text Panel 5
Photo Text Panel 2
Photo Text Panel 9
Polaroid Style 2

Photo Clipart

Photo clipart examples 8
Photo clipart examples 4
Photo clipart examples 3
Photo clipart examples 7
Photo clipart examples 6
Photo clipart examples 2
Photo clipart examples 5
Photo clipart examples