Inspirational Art : Alan Burns

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This is an old piece of Xara art, created by Alan Burns, but remains one of the most impressive demonstrations of the drawing capabilities of Xara. What's more this was drawn before features such as soft shadows and vector feathering were implemented so it uses only a subset of the modern Xara features.

You'll find humorous hidden details in most of Alan's work, and this is no exception. If you zoom into the slide of the microscope you can find he's hidden something. If you've seen the demo movies you might already know what it is.

This demonstrates the incredible detail that can be put into drawings, if you have the time. You have to zoom to 25,000% in order to see it though.

The original .xar file can be found in the Clipart Gallery in Xara Xtreme. Clip on 'Get Clipart' to update the gallery.

See more of Alan's work in the gallery.