Inspirational Art : Mike Sims

Now, we're not going to begin to suggest that anyone can create images like this! Mike Sims is the absolute master of Xara3D, creating examples that even the creators of Xara3D find incredible.

It has to be said Xara3D was not designed to create images of this complexity, and it's a credit to Mike's ingenuity and perseverance that he has created images of this complexity (Xara3D is designed to create simple 3D headings and logos, and simple 3D charts, as covered in this month's tutorials). But it's awesome and inspiring - which means it fits the bill perfectly for this months's Inspirational Art.

This image can be seen on the Xara3D TalkGraphics forum:

There is a similar, albeit simpler, pocket sundial here, along with links that go some way to explaining how he created this:

And if you're a Star Wars fan, he's done a TIE fighter:
and a X-Wing fighter:

And in all, Mike is doing things with Xara3D that are simply exceptional.