Inspirational Art : Nicolae Trifu

This month's Inspirational Art features excerpts from a fascinating Talkgrapics thread started by Nicolae Trifu - visit Talkgraphics for the full story.

Nicolae Trifu creates some of the most impressive, ultra-high resolution drawings that we've ever seen from Xara Xtreme. These are 3D impressions build up from basic architectural drawings.

These are compositions combining illustrated vector artwork and cut-out photo objects, all combined to create the final 3D impression. He then renders them at very high resolution (e.g. 12,000 pixel across) so they can be printed out a yard wide at very high resolution.

Xara Xtreme is ideal for this type of work because of its ability to seamlessly combine photos and vector illustration artwork, and to do so with hugely complex compositions, at very high resolutions.

As Nicolae says "Xara is the only environment in which this type of illustrations (quality, size, ease, speed) can be produced. Period."

Click here for more of Nicolae's work including graphical explainations of how he has created it.