Photo & Graphic Designer


Here is just a small selection of the great illustration and graphic design work created with the Designer titles, taken from the images in The Xara Gallery, a showcase for customer's work on the Xara website. You can find further examples in the 'Inspirational Art' feature of our newsletter, The Outsider.

We've also included some examples of the seamless results that can be achieved with the Photo & Graphic Designer photo tools - mover the slider to see the before & after. You can see more photo examples here.


Meet and Greet Part1 cover by Zeb
Mina by Vladimir Konstantinovic
Hot Rod by Mohamed Elhlaly
1955 Jaguar XK 150 by Ron Duke
Thunderbirds Airshow Poster by Bill Dale
Christmas Shooting by Denis Sazhin
Helicopter by Andrew Wrigley
Chef In Blue by Estince Voi

Photo Editing

Photo Healing
Before After
Color Select and Erase
Before After
Magic Erase
Before After
Shadow and Highlight controls
Before After
Background Erase
Before After