Designer Pro X

What's New in Designer Pro X

If you already own Designer Pro X11 or earlier then you'll find plenty to get excited about in our brand new version. We have some exciting new photo tools, significant text enhancements and a huge increase in content, and web designers will want to check out parallax scrolling effects, new animation types and new sticky effects to name just a few. And it doesn't end there, because there are some significant improvements in Xara Online Designer too.

What's more, under our new Update Service we'll continue to release new features throughout the year at no further cost, so you no longer have to wait till next year for the updates we're working on now! Find out more about the Update Service.

We have an overview of what's new below, including links to websites demonstrating some of the new features. You can find more details in the release notes and don't miss Gary Priester's First Look at Designer Pro X365 in the Xara Xone.

If you currently have a version older than Designer Pro X11, you can find out what was new in the intervening versions here.