Xara announces the launch of BrandSpaces as part of the new ‘Xara for Teams’ edition of Xara Cloud. These releases add advanced brand management and collaboration tools to the existing powerful drag n drop document editing platform, making Xara Cloud for Teams the world’s smartest online document editor for business.

Berlin, Germany, 7th May 2019

Xara is an established pioneer in design software and document editing products for business. BrandSpaces is the next leap forward, providing a powerful brand experience across all Xara Cloud documents.

77% of B2B marketing leaders say branding is critical to growth according to the Circle Research White Paper – B2B Branding Research.

A BrandSpace automatically applies a corporate brand like logos, color schemes and fonts to any document or graphic created in Xara Cloud, saving users hours of repetitive design work and reducing the possibility of brand design mistakes.

BrandSpaces is powered by XaraIQ breakthrough auto-branding technology. For companies or marketing campaigns that need a brand kit, XaraIQ can create a complete color palette from a logo or photo, with accompanying fonts and even a reverse color logo. The powerful XaraIQ technology helps anyone create a brand for their business.

Rounding out the new BrandSpaces is centralized digital asset management, a central portal where businesses can store and manage key brand assets, and provide access to all team members. BrandSpaces will automatically apply the centrally stored assets to all new documents.

BrandSpaces is available in the new Xara for Teams edition. Xara for Teams empowers businesses to work faster and better together through advanced collaboration features including team member management, guest contributors, multi-user collaboration and real-time commenting. Plus it provides the freedom to access documents and brand assets from any device and location, ideal for the modern workplace.

“Xara’s BrandSpaces offers two substantial benefits to customers. Firstly businesses generate more revenue on the back of stronger brand visibility and loyalty. And the second big win is from improved employee productivity, because of the simplified workflow for all marketing documents.” says Matt Bolton, CEO of Xara GmbH.

About Xara GmbH

Xara Cloud has been developed by Xara, a cutting-edge software design company with a long history of software design excellence. It has a particularly strong technology and innovation history, pioneering many of the graphics technologies and techniques standard in the industry today. Xara is now focused on the development of advanced business solutions, helping to give businesses the tools they need to grow in the modern work environment.

Try the Team edition free for 30 days. Paid subscriptions start as low as $5.95 / user.

You can find more about BrandSpaces at www.xara.com/brandspaces

PR Contact: Ana García – [email protected]