Flash export

Flash export has long been a requested Xara3D feature, and now we can give you the option of exporting in .SWF vector or bitmap formats.

So, at last you can make stunning animated or static 3D graphics and use them within your Flash movies, or just put them on a web site as they are.

Due to limitations within Flash itself, certain attributes such as shadows and textures are unsupported in vector format. To make life easy for you, Xara3D 5 automatically warns you of potential errors and can remove these attributes on export. 

New and enhanced features

As well as the major new features mentioned above, Xara3D 5 has dozens of other new and enhanced functionality. These include:

  • Style picker
    Copy the attributes of one file and paste them onto another - see screenshot
  • Per character textures
    Apply different textures to individual characters and choose from front or side faces
  • Animation picker
    Copy the animation settings of one file and paste them onto another - see screenshot
  • Animation time line
    View and Save individual frames within an animation
  • Per character animations
    Set different animation types to individual characters - see example | see example
  • New animation types
    Including Typewriter, Ripple and Pulse
  • New animation options
    The Rotate(2), Swing and Pulsate animation types can now wave along an axis - see example | see example | see example
  • More Pulsate animation options
    You can now Pulsate along any one of three axes individually - and in a wave along an axis. There's also a new Overlap option - see example | see example | see example
  • Rotate lights and text separately
  • Per character button text colors
    Apply different colors to individual characters within a button
  • Thumbnail file view
    See thumbnails of your Xara3D files in the file preview dialog
  • Image preview and file size information when exporting static bitmaps
  • Frame view
    Work in Frame mode to Save and Reload images at a specific size - see screenshot
  • Add file comments
    Add or edit comments for files which show in the file preview dialog
  • Progressive JPEG export
  • Four new bevel types
    Fancy Incut 1 & 2, Bumpy and Ridged
  • Export 3D icons and animated cursors
  • Text positioning
    Move your text to any position in the window frame
  • Text zoom
    Zoom in or out while in the text editor dialog

Create screen savers

A really useful new addition in Xara3D 5 is the ability to turn your animations into full-sized screen savers.

The Export as screen saver option lets you choose the size you want your screen saver to be and it can install it for you too - meaning you don't need to change any of your computer's settings.