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Responsive Web Design

Does your website pass the Google mobile-friendly test? If not, you need Web Designer 10 Premium!

With the surge in popularity of browsing on mobiles and tablets it is becoming essential to create sites that are tailored to the needs of these visitors. Until now the solution has involved creating multiple sites and a good understanding of JavaScript.  Web Designer 10 introduces a RWD solution that allows you to create a single file containing variants of your site at different widths, so that you website responds dynamically to the screen size of the viewer, presenting the design most appropriate to their device. And as you’d expect  from Web Designer you won’t need to do any coding whatsoever! 

 Put simply you can create multiple variants - eg desktop, tablet, phone -  with shared content (eg text, photos, graphics) but with the ability to freely customize the layout of the variants to suit the target device size. The layout of the variants is entirely in your control, ensuring a quality result for mobiles and tablets. Web Designer export s a single HTML file that can dynamically change from one layout to another depending on the screen size of the viewer.

Example (The new Vue theme with desktop, tablet and mobile variants)

New Page Transitions

V10 offers significantly improved page transition effects including 3D effects, which are hardware accelerated, super-smooth and completely flicker free.  They’re ideal for presentations, but can also be used with great effect for Supersites.

Example (a Supersite with different transitions on every page. It's also responsive, optimized for tablets with both portrait and landscape variants (no mobile variant). Scale to Fit selected)

Scale To Fit

Instead of designing presentation websites for specific screen sizes, the pages will now intelligently and automatically scale to fit any browser size (or you can set them to full-screen).  Nb you can use this for websites too, it could be a good option if, like presentations, they are relatively small sites with short pages (might be good with a Supersite for example, so each page would automatically resize to fit the browser window).

Example (a responsive Supersite with transitions, Scale to Fit selected) 

Password Protected MAGIX Online World Pages

If you publish your website via MAGIX Online World (free MOW hosting is included in all copies of Web Designer), you can now easily password protect that website. Includes full facilities for managing your authorization list.

You can add password protection to pages published on MAGIX Online World

Font Awesome Symbols (Added August 2014)

A quick & easy way to insert symbols from the large and growing Font Awesome selection. The full set is displayed via the Insert menu, simply browse and click on the symbol you require to insert it in your document as a text character or graphic.

A small selection of the many Font Awesome symbols

Single Page Supersites

If  you have a small or very focused site and you’re struggling to make it stand out from the crowd, you’re going to love our new concept of souped-up single page sites!

Instead of your website being presented as separate web pages in the traditional way - where you have to click a link to navigate from one page to another - you now have the option to present the whole website as one single, fast scrolling (horizontal or vertical) document using scroll or swipe to navigate. Or you can present pages one at a time in the traditional way, but with our new super-slick animated page transitions (see below), triggered by scroll or swipe gestures or clicks.

The possibilities are endless but examples include event promos, portfolios, teasers for new products, fundraisers, short tutorials or CVs. It’s great for simple single product sites (a font, a template, a car for sale...) and it might be a more eye catching and interactive option than a PDF document (see our menu example). Whatever your application it’s ideally suited to the many users who now browse on tablets (whilst being completely backwards compatible with normal browsers).

Example 1 (a Supersite with transitions. It's also responsive to both browser width and tablet orientation)
Example 2 (a scrolling Supersite version of this design, responsive to tablet orientation only nb it doesn't have a mobile version)

Example 3 (the V10 Release Notes as a vertically scrolling Supersite nb this example is not responsive)
Example 4 (the V10 Release Notes as a Supersite with transitions nb this example is not responsive)


An amazingly quick and easy way to create and edit some of the most commonly required shapes – for example speech bubbles, fancy arrows and text panels - with top quality results guaranteed. If you don’t have the time (or skill) to master the drawing tools you’ll no longer need to resort to clipart.  Here are some examples from the Smart Shapes library (internet delivered, so more shapes will be added thru the rest of this year) that can be easily customized.

SmartShapes such as text panels and arrows

Insert Menu

A new top level Insert menu which considerably improves the ease with which you can insert key elements into your document (eg insert new page or insert page number) including some new options eg ‘insert picture from Camera’.

A quick and easy way to insert items into your document

MAGIX Online World 'M' hosting included free

Owners of Web Designer Premium get MAGIX Online World ‘M’ hosting option included free for one year (worth \$1.99 a month). This includes 2GBytes of free web hosting space, one free domain name (e.g. yourname.com or .co.uk or .de etc) and a free web-based email that can be associated with that domain name (5 different mailboxes). Owners of Premium V9 will get a coupon that allows them to extend their free M hosting package for another year.


Content Catalog

An online extension of the Designs Gallery offering greatly improved browsing of content, within a resizeable window - especially valuable for web themes.

The online Content Catalog displays all the themes, graphics, clipart, SmartShapes and Widgets

New Templates

11 brand new contemporary General Website Themes (normally sold in Web Packs for \$10 each, so that's \$110 worth!) with up to 16 page layouts, all including new mobile variants.

View previews of all the included themes (new ones marked as NEW).

11 new general web themes with up to 16 page layouts

New Widgets

  • 3 new photo slider widgets, see previews
  • New social media widgets: Instagram badge, Instagram SnapWidgets (embed your Instagram photos into a website as a photo gallery), Pinterest and LinkedIn badges

One of the new Accordian photo slider widgets

Other Minor Enhancements

Auto-Rotate of Photos on Import

You might have recently noticed that that your photos were being randomly rotated when you imported them from some modern devices. Where necessary Web Designer now does an auto detect and rotate to fix this issue.

Creating Online Presentations

The new page transitions are a great enhancement for presentations, but there are also a few other minor useability enhancements in the process of creating and viewing steps, plus two new aspect ratio ‘empty’ templates (16x10 widescreen and 4:3 traditional screen).

Improved Microsoft Word and PDF Import

Word import has been enhanced. The PDF import filter has been replaced with a new one which should already be showing improved results.