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Release Notes

Designer Pro+ is included in Xara Cloud+, our great value Xara Cloud & Designer Pro bundle. You can find full details of the first release in the March 2020 Release Notes and all subsequent updates in our Release Notes June 2020 & Later.

If your trial of Designer Pro+ has already expired, no worries - you can try out the new features in Demo Mode.

September 2020

New & Improved Handles

We've updated the text and object handles to give a more modern and less cluttered look to the workspace:
  • Handles on SmartShapes (tables, charts, shapes, text panels, etc.) are now more consistent and match those used in Xara Cloud.
  • The selection handles in the Selector Tool have also been updated. 

Other Improvements

  • We've added 40 new Google fonts to increase your typographical choices, see the Release Notes for a full list. You can now access over 900 Google fonts, right within Designer Pro+.
  • There is now an option to import images at original full size into web documents (where previously they were automatically reduced to full HD size), use with caution!
  • Plus other minor enhancements and bug fixes, details in the Release Notes.

New Content Type: Footer Designs

We've added some professional new footer designs to the Online Content Catalog. They're set to 'repeating' by default and automatically size and position themselves at the bottom of the page on insertion. A great time saver!

3 August 2020

Improved Tables

Now you can use the tab key to move backwards and forwards between the cells, and to add new rows. Quicker, easier and more intuitive!

Other Improvements

  • New Demo Mode: If your free trial of Designer Pro+ has already expired you'll now still be able to try out new features in Demo Mode (no save, print or export)
  • Plus other minor enhancements and bug fixes, details in the Release Notes.

Tab Leaders for Table of Contents

For table of contents with page numbers you now have finer control over the tab leaders (the character between the tab stops) with fully customizable characters and spacing, for a more professional looking table of contents. Make sure your first page creates a good impression!

Simple table of contents with two-size dot leader for level 2 & 3 headings

25 June 2020

High DPI Support

Get the most from your screens with the new high DPI support. Pin sharp resolution for 4K monitors and devices like Surface Pro tablets, but a bonus even for lower resolution screens.

Other Improvements

  • A much requested workflow improvement: Pro+ will now keep your current settings and options when updating between minor versions (eg 20.0 to 20.1).
  • In response to feedback on the 20.0 Supersite improvements (see below 4th June 2020), we've added extra flexibility with an option to enable or disable both the top bar (full screen and PDF download) and the bottom bar (navigation options and zoom).
  • There are also some bug fixes and minor enhancements, you can find details in the Release Notes.

4 June 2020

Workflow Improvement for SmartShapes

When you insert SmartShapes in a document we now select the Selector tool (instead of the QuickShape tool), for a more efficient workflow.

New Web Document Options

Designer Pro+ Web Documents (such as presentations and print supersites) now have the same cool options that were recently added to Xara Cloud 'Share to Web' documents.

So for example you can add an option for viewers to download a PDF version of your presentation or SuperSite. They'll also see some handy new ways to step between the pages of your document, zoom in or out, or set it to full screen view.

New page & zoom controls at the bottom of the page, and PDF download & full screen options at top

Requested change: SVG Import

As requested by frequent SVG users, SVG graphics are no longer scaled on import, they retain their original size (except Pixabay images).

Other Improvements

There have also been some bug fixes and minor enhancements, you can find details in the Release Notes.

March 2020

Paragraph Borders & Backgrounds

Some great new styles, perfect for headings or highlighting paragraphs of text. You can have borders  either with or without backgrounds. Includes control over border style, color and width and background color.

A couple of the many new styles possible: title underline (left) and 4 sided border (right)

Photo Panoramas

A collection of significant improvements to the built-in panorama tool, and the more advanced Panorama Studio included in Designer Pro (tip for Pro owners, select Download Content in the help menu to download it!).

See the Release Notes for details.

Combine multiple photos into one impressive image. Now is a good moment to try it!

InDesign Import (BETA)

An important first step in support for import of InDesign .idml files, one of the few significant formats that Designer Pro didn’t already support.

It's a great bonus for anyone using Designer Pro for document design. See the Release Notes for details of what is and isn’t supported at this stage.

Other Import / Export Filters

Improvements to the key existing import and export filters:
  • PDF import and export
  • Word import and export
  • PowerPoint import and export
  • SVG import and export

See the Release Notes for details.


Tab Leaders

Support for tab leaders (at last!) to make your table of contents, menus and programs look that little bit more professional

Some examples of tab leaders in Xara documents


A number of changes that will help your SEO efforts:

  • Better handling of graduated fills mean smaller file sizes, and that means faster websites - a definite plus factor in Google ranking.  And you’ll benefit from faster preview and publish times too!
  • A new ‘No follow’ option in the Link Dialog (prevents passing on ranking credit, often recommended for things like testimonial pages and product listings)
  • The option to add an image filename (include keywords in your filename to optimize your position in relevant image searchs).

Other Text

  • You can now move embedded objects round in text by simply dragging them – a small usability improvement that will be a great time saver.
  • 42 new Google Fonts offer new and interesting typography options (top 3 Lexend Giga, DM Sans and Crimson Pro).

New Content

The latest additions to the Online Content Catalog (available if you have an active subscription to Xara Cloud+ or an active Update Service for Designer Pro X) include two new website templates and some new options for your marketing team:
  • 40 Facebook templates in the Social Media category
  • 5 new templates in the e-book category
  • 1 multi-page website (Non-Profit) in Websites > Modern business websites
  • 1 single page website (Portfolio) in Websites  > single page websites

New content includes 2 new web themes