"I recently purchased Xara Web Designer 9 Premium and I have to say that it is, hands-down, THE BEST 'drag and drop' web site creator I have EVER used -- and I have tried MANY. For years I have been creating web sites and have, for one reason or another, had to give up on each design program along the way. Typically, because the software is too complicated or difficult to use, is not compatible with all browsers, does not provide all the tools necessary to create a complete web site, does not support certain file types, has features that one can purchase as extras (that should be included in the design program itself) and list goes on and on. "

"I have only been using the software for a short period of time, but it is evident that it covers all of the above mentioned issues and is, as I said before, without a doubt the BEST on the market! "

Diana Moore

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Pamela Wyeth

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Nicole Watts

"I just had to tell you how delighted I am with this software. "
"I am not a professional designer but have always created my own websites. This program gives me more creative freedom than I have ever had; for the first time I feel able to create truly professional-quality work. "

"To me it's a cross between Photoshop and Expression Web, yet it does much more. Plus it's really fun to use! I can tell that a lot of thought and work has gone into this product. "

Evan Marshall

"I've been a fan and user of Xara for many years now. I just purchased Web Designer and I have to say I love it! I was up most of the night redesigning one of mysites, and having fun doing it! This tool is absolutely amazing. I'll probably wind up forgetting any HTML I've learned from lack of use. You guys did it again! "

Will Reeb

"I've been using Xara since the early days of Webster. For the last 5 years I've longed to switch to a Mac but I just can't. Thanks to you. Your programs are so amazing I guess I'll never make the switch. "

"Web Designer is like a magic riding mower in a world of push mowers. It's faster, cleaner, more comfortable and makes all the complications of "Expression Web" disappear. "

Nick Boothman

"I own all the Xara Products, but Xara Web Designer is the best program I have ever used. Thanks for a job well done! "

Buddy Currens

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"I have spent 3 years developing a website for carpooling and within 4 weeks I have totally revamped the website using Web Designer!"

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Forrest Ward

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"I recently put on-line a site made with WD9. In the past (starting in 1999) I had used Front Page and Expression Web so I was used that school of thought. I was able to produce what I feel is a very good finished product using WD9, I am so pleased with it, not to mention I am proud of it. WD9 is really a great product. I am happy to see my ideas and interests expressed so easily and with a professional clean look. "

"Thanks for WD9, I am more than satisfied, I am happy. "

John Rotella

"There are a lot of reasons why I like Xara products. The biggest are the unbelievable easy and intuitive designs you put into all of your products. My hat’s off to your program designers and code writers. "

Paul Grassler

"I'm playing with Web Designer and realize that you guys have done it again. "

"You've done a great job taking complicated tasks, in all of your software, and making them simple and intuitive, the next generation of GUI in advanced software. "

"... I wanted to congratulate you on a ground breaking piece of software. "

Scot Ranney

"It is such a fantastic 'successor' to WebStyles I can't thank you guys enough for continuing to create programs like this, that make it possible for users like me who wished they had the ability to make professional websites but just don't have the experience to learn the advanced skills. I can honestly say after spending just a few hours with Web Designer, it is going to meet ALL my needs. "

Mike Wilcox

"I am in total shock! "

"Web Designer is almost too easy! I'm so accustomed to hard coding that my learning curve was greater than to a novice! This is one more powerful software tool. The price tag is also unbelievable. I have thousands invested software that takes years to master but a total beginner could stamp out a complete site in a few hours with Xara Web Designer. "

"Good work.......awesome! "

Glenn Parker

"I just wanted to say I have purchased Xara Xtreme 4 and Xara 3D I loved them so much that today I purchased Xara Web Designer. Web creation is new to me but your software is so easy and fun to use I just can't wait to try out this new program. "

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Robert White

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"I have no html knoweledge and after only a few hours was able to get (what I feel) is an awesome looking website on line. I have had nothing but compliments on the site and nobody believes that I did it myself! Not only that, but the program is addicting. I can't stop tweaking it and learn a new trick every day. "

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Robert Slay

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Carlos Melendez