• Black Friday and Cyber Monday are fast becoming the biggest online shopping days of the year, so we know you'll be expecting some exciting offers from Xara, and we don't intend to disappoint. All the main Xara titles will be on special offer from Black Friday (23rd November) to Cyber Monday (26th November) inclusive. So if you're looking for the perfect Christmas present or just want to treat yourself, simply visit xara.com during those four days!

  • And there's more, because we've just launched the new versions of MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus (the most popular MAGIX title with Xara customers) and Music Maker Premium. Both have a tempting double Xara launch offer + MAGIX Anniversary offer, more info below.

  • Don't miss Gary Bouton's Xara Xone movie this month, an intro to lighting effects (shadows, highlights, extrudes) that's a must see for all Designer owners. Plus there's free Christmas box and ribbon drawings (fully editable) - which may just help you out with the Xara Xone Christmas tree challenge! More info below.

  • Plus don't overlook our regular tutorial (creating a wedding invite), and our Other News including more localized versions of Xara software, an offer on template and widgets packs and especially this month's Inspirational Art, part 2 of our 'People' theme.
Part 2 of our Inspirational Art on a theme of 'people' showcasing the work of 5 more Xara artists, with 5 more very different subjects and styles.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Here’s a very unusual but seasonal challenge. You can help to decorate the Xara Xone Christmas tree by adding your drawings – decorations, presents or anything that might reasonably (or even unreasonably) hang on a tree. So spare a few minutes of your creative time and Father Christmas might look kindly on you. Or at least Gary will.

  • Film buffs and pun enthusiasts alike will enjoy this thread started by Rik. Can you identify the film from the clue? Join in to have your say here, part of the challenge is not to smile!
Turkish Version of Photo & Graphic Designer
MAGIX has just released the Turkish language version of MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer 2013, and it's available right now in the MAGIX online store.
New Turkish version
More info on all localised versions

Offers on Design Packs
If you own Web Designer, Web Designer Premium or Designer Pro and you’d like to add more widgets, templates or plug-ins then don’t miss our offer on all our packs – up to 30% off – that lasts until December 3rd.
Template, Widget & Plug-in Offer

Xara Gallery Updated
We're continuing to update the Xara Gallery at xara.com/gallery. This month we've added a great new artist, Andrew Wrigley, not to be missed. Don't forget to hit the Like button if you enjoy the Xara Gallery.
Updated Xara Gallery

Widget Guide Updated
We have updated the Photo & Content Slideshows section of the Widget Guide to cover all the new widgets available in Web Pack 1.
The Widget Guide

Xara News, As It Happens
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"Xara Designer Pro X is an ideal solution for those who are looking to complete design work in a hurry. A range of shortcuts make last minute deadline jobs possible and having everything compacted into one application means that you and your computer work faster."

Xara Designer Pro X reviewed by Techcritic
Bitmap Shortcuts

Tip 1:
Not sure of the format of a bitmap in your drawing? Is it a JPG or a PNG? Open the bitmap gallery and if it shows 'standard bitmap' that means it's stored as PNG (lossless). If it shows JPG then the original JPG file is stored in the .xar file.

Tip 2:
Did you know you can make a photo black and white with a single click to the 'white' color on the color line. Or, just bring up the color editor and edit the color of the photo - it's that easy.
Zeb offers the story of Thanksgiving, as told by the Plymouth Rock! All the artwork is created in Xara Designer Pro (animations in ToonBoon).

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