• The biggest upgrade of the year has arrived: Photo & Graphic Designer MX 2013 and Designer Pro X have been released!

    We list some of the new features below and of course you can find full information on xara.com, plus don’t miss Gary Priester’s ‘First Look’ at the new features, and there’s detailed information in the release notes. And don’t forget that you can always discuss the new versions in the Xara forums at TalkGraphics.

    What's more we have an introductory offer on upgrades from V7 including a crossgrade from Photo & Graphic Designer 7 to Designer Pro X, plus upgrade pricing for all older versions, more below.

  • With all this launch excitement, don’t overlook our other news: Gary Bouton has added a great new movie to the Xara Xone on creating seamless tiling patterns, and it has created plenty of reaction in the Xone forum on TalkGraphics. Plus there’s a new guest tutorial by Frances Proctor and even more Free Stuff. More on this and other news below.

In both Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro
  • Support for Text Styles
  • Color Select & Erase: edit selected colors in your photos eg enhance or remove backgrounds (see examples)
  • Hue adjustment: change hue of photos or (with the Color Select tool) objects in photos
  • Shape Eraser: a ‘paint brush’ style eraser for both vector shapes and photos
  • Even better Magic Erase
  • New print templates eg bizz cards, greetings cards, flyers, CD labels
And additionally in Designer Pro
  • Shape Builder, a great new way to build freehand shapes
  • Automatic object re-position & page resize as you add text to webpages
  • New & updated web themes, web graphic templates & widgets (see examples)
  • Embedded fonts (you’re no longer limited to ‘web safe’ fonts)
  • New & updated widgets incl resizable slideshows + chart widgets (see examples)
  • Graphical bullet & numbered lists, ideal for presentations.

Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • The Xara Graphics and Xara Web forums have been busy since the launch. If you have questions about the new versions it's the perfect place to find answers so why not join in now!
    Xara Graphics Chat here
    Xara Web Chat here.
  • There are two opportunities to share your work this month; show us your work in progress in Stop & Post, or see if you can trump Su Lawrence's great post in the scribble challenge. And put a note in your diary for the June ones!
    Join the Scribble challenge.
    Join the Stop & Post.
Template & Widget Pack 1 Updated for V8
Template & Widget Pack 1 have been updated to work with Web Designer MX, Web Designer MX Premium and Designer Pro X (version 8). Existing owners of Template Pack 1 or Widget Pack 1 will find the updated packs have appeared in their Designs Gallery. If you don't already own the packs you can find out more:
Xara Widget Pack 1
Xara Template Pack 1

German Version of MAGIX Web Designer MX V8
MAGIX has released the German version of MAGIX Web Designer MX and Web Designer MX Premium v8. Find out more.
New German Version
More info on all localised versions

Xara News, As It Happens
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"A very attractive upgrade pricing option makes this a no-brainer for existing Xara users, and for everyone else, this is a product that certainly needs to be explored closely."

Xara Designer Pro X reviewed by Indezine.

"Xara Web Designer Premium MX 8's new features and usability improvements make it easier than ever to create and maintain your own website, even if you've no web design experience."

Xara Web Designer MX 8 Premium reviewed by Software Crew.
Here is a cool vector drawing created in Xara Designer Pro 6 by kreksofin.

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