• There's a triple helping of art & design this week - our regular Inspirational Art feature on a theme of flowers, a new Featured Artist on the Xara Xone, and the first instalment of websites created in Xara Web Designer 7 in the Website Gallery. More on all of these below, including details on how Web Designer 7 owners can submit their sites.

  • Plus we have two more tutorials for Xtreme/Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro owners from José Campoy, and a third from Gary Priester on the Xara Xone, links to both below.

  • If you're still hesitating over whether to buy Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro, then now might be the moment because we're throwing in a free copy of our new version of Xara 3D, the recently released V7, worth $39! Offer ends Tuesday! Another offer ending soon is the Web Designer 6 to 7 intro upgrade offer - place your orders before 1st June. More info below.

  • Owners of non-English versions of Xara 3D and Web Designer will want to check out Other News for the latest on German, French, Dutch, Italian and Spanish releases. On which subject English Designer fans might want to keep their ears open for interesting news too (might be a good moment to sign up for Twitter or Facebook ... ).
It's spring (at least for those of us in the North) so it seems like a good time to return to one of the most popular themes among Xara artists; flowers. We have some great examples from both familiar names and new ones.

Plus don't miss the new drop down menu that lets you browse thru all past issues.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month: TalkGraphics
  • The Xara Art Gallery is a great place to show your work, but did you realize there is also a separate Web Gallery where you can show off / get feedback on your websites created with Xara software.
  • There are some attention-grabbing scribbles in this month’s scribble challenge. You are more than welcome to Join in.
Web Designer Intro Upgrade Offer Ending Soon
OFFER: If you own Xara Web Designer 6 and you haven't upgraded to V7 Premium yet, the key date is 1st June, when our intro offer on upgrades from V6 to V7 Premium will end.
Upgrade To Web Designer 7 Premium Now

User Website Gallery
NEW: Finally, the wait is over. We've just started to add a selection of your sites to the User's Website Gallery. If you'd like to have your site included, then go to the publish tab (in Web Designer 7), and check the option 'Include my website in the User Gallery'. Our web design team will review all entries and update the gallery.
Visit Website Gallery Now

Foreign Language Versions
NEW: MAGIX has released the German, Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish language versions of 3D Maker 7 in the last month. Plus there is a new German version of Web Designer 7 & Web Designer 7 Premium. Find out more.
New Localized Software

Add Your Review to CNET
Web Designer 7 and Web Designer 7 Premium have just been added to download.com so why not be the first to add a review:
Review Web Designer 7
Review Web Designer 7 Premium

Xara News, As It Happens
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"3D design tool that can produce impressive results whilst remaining easy to use"

Xara 3D Maker 7 reviewed by PC Utilities

"Very easy way to produce high-quality static and animated text titles, banners and badges... "

Xara 3D Maker 7 reviewed by Computer Active
Selecting An Object Inside A Group
Surprising how many don't know about this: you can select a single item within a group with Ctrl click - you don't need to ungroup everything!

Selecting An Object Under Another Object
And if you didn't know that, then you might find this useful too! Hold the Alt key down while in the Selector Tool. The mouse pointer changes to an upside down pointer and each time you click, it will select the next object down the the stack of objects.
See what the two ducks & a frog get up to in this short animation from Zeb. All artwork is created in Xara Designer Pro (the animation is done in Toon Boom Studio).

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