• We've got another great Inspirational Art this month, with some awesome photo-realistic gadgets. It's about as different in style as it gets from the painterly art of last month, but one of the joys of the Xara community is the sheer variety of style, imagination and technique among Xtreme users.
  • Also don't miss this month's offer, a loyalty discount on Xara3D for Xtreme, Web Designer and Menu Maker owners, more info below. Look out for other good offers on the Xara site over Easter!
  • In this month's Xara Xone tutorial Gary Priester creates a great looking Rubik's Cube in Xara Xtreme. If you never did work out how to do the puzzle, try drawing it instead - it might actually be easier! You'll find the link below.
  • Web Designers amongst you might want to sign up to one of our instant news services (see under Other News) to ensure you catch some Big News as it happens... before the next Outsider.
After last month's painterly, water-inspired theme, we jump to a very different sort of art, with some jaw dropping, photo-realistic drawings. Heaven for Gadgets Lovers.
It's the last month for our web page(s) contest, for designs created in either Xtreme or Web Designer. You have until 15th April to submit your entries.

The prize remains Outsider Glory, $100 of Xara or MAGIX software of your choice or a $100 credit to your Xara account - plus of course publicity for the shortlisted websites!
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
Xara Xone List of Links
Gary Priester has added a new feature on the Xara Xone this year, a list of sites created with Xara Xtreme and Xara Web Designer. Check them out and add your own.

Xara News, Hot Off The Press
We've got some big news coming up in the next month, so if you don't want to wait for the next Outsider, you can sign up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can become our Facebook fan and / or follow our tweets at twitter.com/xaragroup.

Xara Gallery Update
As promised we've added some new art to the Gallery on xara.com, with plenty more to follow in the coming weeks.
Visit the Xara Gallery.

"I'm almost literally drawing at the speed of thought when I use Xara Xtreme. There's a sort of freshness I can imbue into an Xtreme composition, whose only rival might be the physical pencil on my drafting table!"
Gary Bouton writing in Digital Artist Magazine

"The introductory video .. claims that it is the 'slickest' and 'easiest to learn' software, which will turn its hand to just about anything - and it's not far wrong."
3D Artist

Don't forget the Status Line
The information in the Status Line under your work area is always useful and often overlooked. It gives really handy context sensitive information on the current tool and the selected object.

Expand the Designs Gallery
Did you know that you can add your own work to the Designs Gallery? Click the 'disc designs' button in the Gallery, select the folder containing your work and click the Add button.

How do you get your computing news? (yes, we asked this question a couple of years ago, but it will be interesting to see how habits have changed!)
Following on from last month's movies introducing the Text Tool, here's a video showing how to make text flow around objects.

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