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  • In this month's tutorial we shine some light on the online presentations feature of Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro. And our featured movies are two short introductions to Online Designer, now included as part of the Update Service with Web Designer, Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro X.

  • This month's offer is a last chance to pick up a copy of Web Designer 11 Premium or Photo & Graphic Designer 11 at a knock down price. This is our final stock clearance offer on v11 (the version before the current one), so if you've been hesitating over trying either product for the first time then now is the perfect moment to jump in. As an added bonus we're including a free backup DVD too. Details below.

  • For the latest Update Service releases for Photo & Graphic Designer 365 and Online Designer see Other News, below. Also don't miss Inspirational Art, which features the work of two newcomers to the Outsider.
Inspirational Art // Art Mix 22

Two designers whose work we haven't shown before in Inspirational Art: Johnny Romero from Honduras and Anna Antracit from Russia. - Find out more

Web Designer 11 Premium // Final Stock Clearance
Photo & Graphic Designer 11 // Final Stock Clearance
Featured Tutorial // Online Presentations

Create professional online presentations in Web Designer Premium or Designer Pro X

Other News
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Egg's world map of TalkGraphics members is coming along nicely, you can see the latest map in this post. But where are the members from Russia, India and Hong Kong for example? We know you're out there, so sign in now and add your pin to the map!

  • We haven't mentioned the Scribble Challenge for a few months but it's still going strong, join in the June Scribble here.

  • Off Topic is always worth a look in, we've recently puzzled over Rik's optical illusions, such as Diamond Shape and enjoyed Stygg's Smile of the Day - his most recent one is surely inspired by our new Timeline SmartShapes.
Movie // Online Designer - Intro Pt 1

Xara Online Designer is now included with the 365 versions of Web Designer, Web Designer Premium, Designer Pro and (since the last Update Service update in June) Photo & Graphic Designer. So now seems like a good moment to feature the 2 short introductory movies. Part 1 | Part 2

If you'd like to dive deeper into the features take a look at the Online Designer Playlist in our YouTube channel.

Other News

Photo & Graphic Designer Updated
Earlier this month we released a significant update to Photo & Graphic Designer under our Update Service. This added Online Designer to Photo & Graphic Designer, and other enhancements include new Photo Filter Overlays, ligature support, new SmartShapes and much more.

If you have a current Update Service you can download the update right now for free. If your Update Service has expired then it's quick and easy to renew, just follow the link below!
What's New
Update Service Expired? Renew Now

New Online Designer Templates
We have just added a new selection of templates to Online Designer, including flyers, social media headings and a 16 page presentation in a contemporary new theme (BaseNew).

Online Designer is currently included in Web Designer, Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro X as part of the Update Service.
More about Online Designer

Designer Pro X Update Service Renewal
It's almost a year since we released Designer Pro 365 so look out for a pop-up message within Designer Pro that alerts you when your expiry date is drawing near, follow the links to renew. We have an 'early bird' offer on renewals before expiry, so look out for the pop-up!

Xara News, As It Happens
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Hints & Tips

Embedding vs Anchoring
You have two very flexible options if you want to position objects in a fixed place in your text, so they keep their position as you add and delete text.

Firstly you can anchor an object to some text. Right click on the object and select Anchor to Text, an anchor symbol will appear on your object, simply click and drag on that anchor to the position in the text that you want to tie it to (if you want to change it later click and drag again from the anchor to the new position). This is typically used for an image that is positioned alongside a block of text, although you can also anchor an image behind text (for example if you have a watermark in the background).

Your second option is to embed an object within the text, so it will behave as if it were just another text character. Copy the object to the clipboard, place the cursor in the text at the position where you want the object to appear, and paste. Right click on an embedded object and you'll find some powerful controls, for example whether you want the object to be embedded inline in the text or for the text to flow left or right of it, and you can also control how the object resizes if the text column or block that its embedded in become wider or more narrow.

Press Reviews

MicroMart takes a look at Web Designer Premium 365:

"Xara's Web Designer is suitable for all levels of user, even if you've had no experience whatsoever. Simple to use, with some sophisticated features."

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