• Photo & Graphic Designer 11 has just been launched and it's available right now on for download and purchase.

    Designers and illustrators will have plenty of new opportunities to experiment; the Freehand Tool has an all-new concept of Art Brushes and significantly enhanced Scatter Brushes, plus there are new transparency types and an enhanced Shape Painter tool. We're looking forward to seeing what you create with them! You'll find an overview of the new features on our website, and more detailed information in the release notes. Gary Priester has written his traditional 'First Look' for the Xara Xone, and don’t forget you can always discuss the new version in the TalkGraphics forum. You'll find links to all of these below.

  • The Shape Painter Liquify Tools and latest SmartShapes (check out the new spiral) are the first quite simple examples of what can be created with our new plugin technology, for which we intend to publish an API. If you’re a JavaScript developer and this sounds interesting, contact Marketing to register your interest and we’ll keep you posted.

  • We have short introductory offers on new copies and on upgrades from Photo & Graphic Designer 10, and of course we have an upgrade route for owners of *all* older versions of Photo & Graphic Designer and Xara Xtreme. More information below.

  • In all the excitement don't miss our other news including the release of the German version of Web Designer 11, plus the latest from TalkGraphics and the Xara Xone.

More info
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • If you have any PGD 11 questions / suggestions head over to the graphics chat forum. As always TalkGraphics remains the top place to go for brilliant advice, encouragement and support.

  • Testing out v11 does not provide an excuse for failing to take part in the TalkGraphics Challenges. In June the Drop Cap Challenge reached the letter U, and Fred C posted one of the most elaborate Drop Caps we've seen yet >>>

  • There's a challenge of a very different sort going on in the Xara Xone forum. Gary asked how you might graphically represent the concept of infinity. Almost 300 posts later I'm feeling a bit dizzy, but it's been fun. Join the party!

Web Designer 11 DE
The German language versions of Web Designer 11 and Web Designer 11 Premium have just been released, you can purchase them now on the MAGIX site and they will be in stores throughout Germany shortly.
Mehr Infos
More info on all the non-English versions.

Free Web Designer 11 Patch
In June we released a patch to Web Designer 11 & Web Designer 11 Premium (Eng). The update is free if you already own v11.
More info on the WD 11 update

In all Designer titles make sure you have the latest free updates by selecting Help > Update within the program.

Xara News, As It Happens
You can be first to receive Xara news by signing up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can join more than 52,600 followers in our Facebook community or if you prefer our Google + page, or follow our tweets at

SmartShapes (V10 & 11)
SmartShapes are a quick and easy way to create some commonly required objects such as arrows, which can otherwise be surprisingly time consuming to produce to a professional standard. In all Designer titles you can add them to your document via Insert > Shapes. Double click on them to show the edit handles. New in v11 - don't miss the Spiral SmartShape.

And Font Awesome Symbols (v10 & 11)
And while you're in the Insert menu, check out the Font Awesome symbols, a large and really handy selection of symbols, also updated for V11.
“Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is a versatile graphics package which comes packed with editing, illustration and design tools." has been very quick off the mark, and give Photo & Graphic Designer 11 their Editor's Choice Award Read the full review.
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