• The new Photo & Graphic Designer 2013 and Designer Pro X have got off to a flying start. Thank you all for your orders. The CDs have just arrived in stock and we’re working thru the backlog of orders, so you should all see your CDs soon.

  • There are several great tutorials this month. Suitably for this sport soaked summer we have a two part tutorial on how to create a sports oriented website using Web Designer, from scratch. Ideal if you’re thinking of creating a sports site, but useful for anyone just starting out on a website of any sort. Next up, Gary Bouton has two tutorials in the Xara Xone, putting the drawing tools thru their paces creating an image of Saturn, and creating some clever text effects with the Text & Mould tools. See below for more on this and other good stuff in the Xara Xone.

  • If you’re thinking of creating a photo slideshow then check out our launch offer on the new MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD MX Deluxe. We now stock and sell all the most popular MAGIX audio and video titles, you can see them all here, including top-of-the-range Video Edit Pro X, just added. Also there’s a couple of days left in the launch offer on Widget Pack 1 (suitable for all V7 and 8 Web Designer and Designer Pro owners). More info below.

  • For Inspirational Art we return to the theme of car art. It’s been three years since we last featured cars but they remain the most popular challenge for Xara artists, and we hope you agree the results remain amazing.
We couldn't resist it any longer! Here's another collection of the most popular theme for Xara artists, CARS!
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Don’t forget that TalkGraphics also has a popular photography forum where you can post your photos for comment and feedback and ask any photo related question. Here’s a recent post from Angelize that made us go aaahhh.
  • When was the last time you posted your work to the scribble challenge thread? If you don't remember then why not get scribbling in our June Scribble Challenge.
  • Yes, there is a new June Stop & Post thread! It doesn't matter if your work is finished or not as long as it has been done with Xara software. Join now.
NEW: MAGIX Video Pro X4
MAGIX Video Pro X4 has just been added to the Xara site and it's in the Xara online store now. It's the perfect editing software for intuitive and high-performance video editing. Find out more:
MAGIX Video Pro X4
See all MAGIX titles on xara.com

Just Released Template Pack 2 for V8
A V8 version of Template Pack 2 has just been released that works with Web Designer MX, Web Designer MX Premium and Designer Pro X (version 8). Existing owners of Template Pack 2 will find the updated pack has appeared in their Designs Gallery. And on the subject of extra packs, don’t forget that the intro offer pricing on Widget Pack 1 ends in the next couple of days. Find out more:
Xara Template Pack 2
Xara Widget Pack 1

Xara Widget Guide Updated for V8
The Widget Guide has been updated to work with V8. It includes Photo & Content Slideshows, Charts, E-commerce and lots more. Find out more:
Xara Widget Guide

Academic Network Licenses Available
The V8 academic network licenses for Photo & Graphic Designer, Designer Pro, Web Designer MX and Web Designer MX Premium are available right now. Find out more about our competitive academic pricing on our site or contact our sales team for more information.

Xara News, As It Happens
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"Xara’s attractive Swiss-army knife approach is matched by affordable pricing, particularly as it has a number of existing tools that compare favourably with those found in the more recent versions of Adobe’s Creative Suite applications. "

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 2013 reviewed by PC Advisor
Site-Wide NavBars

In Web Designer or Designer Pro turn on the 'Site Navigation Bar' option in the NavBar dialog to make your bar appear on all pages of your site and have links to new pages added automatically. Turn it off if you don't want edits copied across the whole site.
Zeb creates a movie to explain the story of the Good Samaritan. All the artwork is created in Xara Designer Pro 7.

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