• It's Christmas so we have a sack load of offers including 20% off Photo & Graphic Designer and Page & Layout Designer, plus free business theme bundles with Designer Pro and Web Designer Premium. And if you already own Xara Designer then the holiday period offers the perfect opportunity to explore the MAGIX titles - because there's a massive 50% off Photostory 2015 and a not to be ignored 25% off all other MAGIX titles sold on Details below.

  • Part 2 of our Beginner's Guide to Photo & Graphic Designer offers an overview of the Text Tool, including an intro to all the options on the Text Tool InfoBar and an explanation of some of the common terminology - equally valuable if you are just starting out with any of the other Designer v11 titles.

  • Don't miss Inspirational Art this month because we're introducing a designer that you haven't seen before in the Outsider. Plus check out our Other News - which has some more info on the just-updated Xara Xone.

  • And finally we would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a peaceful and successful 2016.
  INSPIRATIONAL ART // Maksimilijan Gečević
Showcasing the work of Maksimilijan Gečević, a newcomer to Inspirational Art. - Find out more
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A Beginner's Guide To The Text Tool
Xara Xone Update
You might have noticed the new front end design on the Xara Xone. It looks very different - and we hope you like it - but all the great content created by Gary Priester and Gary Bouton is still there, plus tutorials by other members of the community, and now with the addition of v10 and 11 tutorials from the Xara Outsider and MAGIX. You'll also find all of Gary Bouton's Free Stuff and many years of art from both the Xone Featured Artist and Outsider Inspirational Art.

In other words it's a window on a goldmine of content from the Garys, Xara and the wider community. And it's not all there yet - we'll continue to add content in the next few weeks.
Enjoy The Xara Xone

MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Released
The brand new versions of Music Maker and Music Maker Live have just been added to the Xara site and online store. Even better the new 2016 versions are included in our Xmas offer so you can save 25% on the regular price, so why not explore your musical side this Christmas!
MAGIX Music Maker 2016
MAGIX Music Maker 2016 Live
All MAGIX products

Xara News, As It Happens
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New Text Style Options (v11)
There are a couple of new options in the Text Style menu, that are easy to miss but definitely worth knowing about. 'Update Normal Text to match' and 'Update other style to match'. For example: if you have imported some text without a style from another document, and you prefer the look of the new text to your Normal Text style, simply click in the new text and select the 'Update Normal Text to match' option (or 'update other style' if you want to update a style other than Normal).

The “Apply to all similar text in this document” option is useful if you are applying text styles to a document that doesn’t use styles already, such as an imported PDF. If selected, as well as updating the selected style, the operation will also look for text that is similar to the selected text, right across your document and will apply the style to that text too.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 11 has been picked by the Computer Shopper editorial team as winner in the Best Software category in this year's prestigious Computer Shopper awards!

The Computer Shopper Awards 2015
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