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  • Many of you have already used Xara Online Designer to edit your Xara documents (which you can do in the web browser using any device - even Macs and iPads!) but you may not realise there are some templates within Online Designer that you can edit and publish without the desktop version. This month's tutorial shows you how.

  • If you don't yet own the 365 version of Web Designer Premium then our current offer is the perfect chance to catch up, with 40% off upgrades from all older versions of Web Designer Premium, free backup DVD included. And there's a great deal on Update Service renewals too! Details below.

  • Under Other News we have info on some major updates to Online Designer, plus a new addition to the Xara Art Gallery. And on the subject of art, don't miss Inspirational Art, which features the work of another Russian designer new to the Outsider.
Inspirational Art // Anton Korenyako

Anton Korenyako - Find out more

Upgrade & Renewal Offer // Web Designer Premium
Featured Tutorial // Xara Online Designer

Creating your company documents - Part 1

Other News
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Christine Farrelly has posted 3 great sets of Art Brushes in the Xara brushes forum - all you need to do is download the xar file that Christine has kindly included. Take your pick from a couple of lace effects, some intricate border designs and a metallic interlinking effect (based on photos from the Pixabay collection available thru the Online Content Catalog).

    If you've created any brushes that you're proud of why not follow Christine's lead and share them with the rest of TalkGraphics community in the Brushes Forum.

  • It's not too late to join in the August Scribble Challenge!
Movie // Sharing & Saving

If you follow our tutorial this month and give Online Designer a try then you might want to bear in mind that there are over 30 movies in our Online Designer playlist on YouTube. Why not subscribe to our channel while you're there.

Sharing & Saving
Color Editing
Editing Text

Other News

Online Designer Update
There have been some major updates to Online Designer recently, including the addition of a full spell checker, photo enhancement options and a commenting feature to name just a few. And we've added a short intro tour for first time users.
More about Online Designer
What's New
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New in the Xara Art Gallery
We've just added a new portfolio to the Gallery - Tomas Kopecky, Xara Designer Pro owner and cartoonist extraordinaire. Check it out!
The Xara Art Gallery

Tutorials, Demo Movies & More
We offer a huge collection of tutorials and demo movies, so if you're looking for assistance just drop in on our Resource Center or the Xara Xone.
Resource Center
The Xara Xone

Update Service Renewals
We've now passed the first anniversary for all 365 products, so look out for a pop-up message that alerts you when your expiry date is drawing near, simply follow the links to renew. We have an 'early bird' offer on renewals before expiry!

Xara News, As It Happens
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Hints & Tips

Creating Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
If you are an owner of Designer Pro X or Page & Layout Designer then it's quick and easy to create your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

Simply select the 'Customize key shortcuts' option in the Utilities menu and you'll be able to change a command's shortcut or define a shortcut for a command which doesn't have a shortcut by default.

Selecting Control Points on a line
There are lots of different ways of selecting control points in the Shape Tool.

You can click on a control point to select it, and then shift click to add another one to the selection. Or you can marquee select around the points you want to select (shift marquee select will add extra points to the selection). Or Ctrl + Shift + Click on a point to select all points on the line.

Press Reviews

Techworld gives Photo & Graphic Designer 365 five stars:

"A hugely capable design tool which comes packed with high-end features, yet remains generally very easy to use and is amazing value for money."

Read the full review

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