• Inspirational Art is back - hurray! - with a selection of TalkGraphics highlights from the last few months.

  • This month's offers include a massive 50% off MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2015 Plus (ends 2nd Sept), and you also have a few days left for the Page & Layout Designer 11 launch offer on new copies. Details below.

  • If you own Web Designer 11 or Designer Pro 11 then you won't want to miss this month's tutorial introducing Xara Online Designer, which allows you to edit the text and images in your Xara website via a web browser on any device. Link to it below.

  • And talking about tutorials: Designer Pro owners will want to take a look at the movies recently published by Xhris, an epic 12 part introduction to Pro, designed for students at the university where he teaches but valuable to everyone (including Photo & Graphic Designer owners and Web Designer owners who will be interested in the illustration and web design sections). See the Featured Movie below.

  • And finally on the subject of tutorials, you'll find two new ones by Gary Bouton on the Xara Xone this month, details below. These will be Gary's final Xone tutorials, but do not fear, he will be back in another guise on a new site in the not too distant future, offering coaching and tutorials, and still present on TalkGraphics. The Xone will continue after a short summer holiday and facelift. We are immensely grateful to Gary for the work he has put in over the last 4 years, and from the many emails we receive we know you have enjoyed them too.

  • Other News includes the latest localized releases of Web Designer 11 and Photo & Graphic Designer 11.
Our choice of images from the last few months in the Xara Art Gallery forum at TalkGraphics. So many to choose from I think we'll have to have a Part 2! - Find out more
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • If you've enjoyed Igor01's 'Life in a Square' posts in the Xara Art Gallery forum, then you'll love his new Pencilmania series. Find out just how creative you can get with an illustration of a pencil here.

    The London pencil is obviously our favorite, but Don Quijote de la Pencil a Sancho Panza proved a hit on our Facebook page.

  • Also in the Art Gallery forum we've seen some really nice examples of work using the new Art Brush feature of Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro 11 - for example these two examples in this recent first post from Peterwindmill. So when will we see yours??


An epic 12 part movie tutorial by Xhris covering every aspect of Xara Designer Pro, including illustration, photo editing, web design, animation, presentations and more.


An Introduction to Xara Online Designer
Non-English Versions of Web Designer 11
During August MAGIX has released Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian versions of Web Designer 11 and Web Designer Premium 11. You can buy them now on the MAGIX sites. Find out more

German Photo & Graphic Designer 11
The first translated version of Photo & Graphic Designer 11 is also out now. You can find the German version on the MAGIX website now, and in store in the coming weeks. Foto & Grafik Designer

Designer Pro 11 printed manual
When you order Designer Pro 11 for the first time a printed manual is included as standard, and in all versions there is a PDF manual on the DVD. But if you ordered an upgrade and would like to buy the printed manual, this is possible - you'll find it in the right hand column of our Products page:
Buy the Pro 11 manual

Xara News, As It Happens
You can be first to receive Xara news by signing up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can join more than 52,898 followers in our Facebook community or if you prefer our new Google + page, or follow our tweets at

Windows 10 Reminder
We mentioned this last month but it's worth repeating: All our current products work with Windows 10 (as well as Vista, 7 and 8 or course!). If you own one of our Designer v11 titles we strongly recommend that you deactivate it before installing Windows 10, so you don't lose one of your activations unnecessarily. The option to Deactivate is in the Help menu.

Art Brushes Tips
Designer Pro 11 owner Frances Proctor (Angelize on TalkGraphics) has collected her Art Brush tips into this movie for the benefit of fellow Xara users who want to give this new v11 feature a go.

"Substantial new features and a promising cloud service push this comprehensive web design program ahead of its rivals."

Computeractive (issue 453) gives Web Designer 11 Premium a BuyIt award and 5 stars.
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