Design & Usability Enhancements Import / Export

Design & Usability Enhancements

Content Catalog

An online extension of the Designs Gallery offering greatly improved browsing of content, within a resizeable window - especially valuable for print themes.

The online Content Catalog displays all the templates, clipart and SmartShapes


An amazingly quick and easy way to create and edit some of the most commonly required shapes – for example speech bubbles, fancy arrows and text panels - with top quality results guaranteed. If you don’t have the time (or skill) to master the drawing tools you’ll no longer need to resort to clipart.  Here are some examples from the Smart Shapes library (internet delivered, so more shapes will be added thru the rest of this year) that can be easily customized.

SmartShapes such as text panels and arrows

Auto-Rotate of Photos on Import

You might have recently noticed that that your photos were being randomly rotated when you imported them from some modern devices. Where necessary Page & Layout Designer now does an auto detect and rotate to fix this issue.

Font Awesome Symbols

A quick & easy way to insert symbols from the large and growing Font Awesome selection. The full set is displayed via the Insert menu, simply browse and click on the symbol you require to insert it in your document as a text character or graphic.

A small selection of the many Font Awesome symbols

Insert Menu

A new top level Insert menu which considerably improves the ease with which you can insert key elements into your document (eg insert new page or insert page number) including some new options eg ‘insert image from Camera’, SmartShapes and Font Awesome symbols.

A quick and easy way to insert items into your document

Import / Export

Microsoft Word Import .doc added, .docx improved

.docx import has been significantly improved and support for .doc files has been added for the first time.

Improved PDF Import

The PDF import filter has been replaced with a completely new one which offers significantly improved editability.

Improved RTF Import & Export

There is improved support for text styles, lists, anchored and embedded bitmaps, strikethrough text and pagination.