"I just wanted to say what an excellent product Xara X is. I have been using Xara since the very first beta version was shown at Newbury years ago and I have never found anything to touch it."

"I have tried all the rest and some of them are probably still loaded on my system, they just don't get used."

Richard Bamsey

"If I could only take one drawing application to that fabled desert isle, it would be Xara X. It's efficient, it's incredibly fast, and it's considerate..."

"Xara 2 was a breakthrough product in terms of speed and ease of use. Xara X raises the bar to new heights with all the features you need to create exciting illustrations and striking Web images and animations."

Gary W. Priester

"Right after your mail I downloaded the Beta-Version and I want to say: 'GREAT program'."

"Although Fireworks and Xara X are not the same, they are comparable and leave only one definite winner; Xara X. What more can a professional, semi-professional or just-for-fun-professional want?"

Roland Maarschalkerweerd

"I am very enthusiastic about Xara Xtreme. I am not all that computer savvy (I'm 81 and they didn't have PCs when I worked) but when I saw Xara demonstrated, I knew I had to have it. It is a terrific program and while I am not all that proficient with it, I am enjoying learning it."

Lorraine Backey


"I believe that the new Xara X offers the best price-performance ratio on the web graphics market and leaves the competition far behind."

"Your developers did a truly brilliant job."

Ladislav Seredi

"I've used every major graphics program on the market - and the program I use every day for my own web and print design work is Xara. It's fast, reliable, and more flexible than any other graphics program I've used. It's real-time anti-aliasing means what you see is really what you get, and it's live transparency feature is still unmatched."

"Xara X's new features are all beautifully designed so that you see your changes in real time. The new bevel and shadow features let you add depth to flat vector graphics and the advanced export options give you even more control."

"Xara is the best."

Daniel Will-Harris