"I've used Xara since Xara Studio and it's grown with me as an essential part of my PC Toolbox to the point now where it is virtually the only tool in the box. I've tried other pieces of software from time to time though the comparison with Xara has always left them wanting in some respect or another and they have eventually been discarded. Please keep up the good work. At 55 years old I've never written a fan letter before. "

Derek Cooper

"Xara consistently produces better quality graphics....especially for presentations and displays. Without a question and within an affordable budget. "

Bob Sommerville

" I have used Xara for many years the products are easy to use and give you the power of many more expensive programs, so thanks Xara for making design on the PC a pleasure! "

Paul Grant

"I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your product! Xara Designer Pro was invaluable in the creation of Spinblu. "

"Once again, Thank You! "

Daren Daniels

"This program simply blows me away. Over the years I have used CorelDRAW, Macromedia Freehand, and Adobe Illustrator, and more recently Serif DrawPlus. Designer is superior to all of them in so many ways. It's so much fun. I have yet to use it for DTP and haven't fully explored how it performs in that area, but I may well replace QuarkXPress 9 which had recently replaced InDesign. The web design features look likely to replace Dreamweaver too. Thanks Xara. I wish I had discovered this gem years ago. "

Frank McGeachy

"I must take this opportunity to thank you for an amazing product! Well done to all of you! "

Rene Kirstein

"No questions, requests, critics this time, just appreciation! "

Rudolf Kahl

"Thanks for doing such a fantastic job with your products! "

Debbi Sorrentino

"Recently I upgraded to Designer Pro because I always upgrade to the latest version. I’ve never been disappointed. I am full of appreciation for your efforts put in to produce such a brilliant product. I am very pleased that years ago I made the right choice. I wish you continued success and customer satisfaction. "

Andrzej Gorniak

"Every time I look for some control that is not obvious, I find you have done the more intuitive thing. Again. "

Jim V

"It has been a great pleasure supporting your company over these thirty years and look forward to many more years and new versions of the great software you produce. "

Alan Watling

"I've been a designer for 10 years and a user of CorelXARA since ver 1.0. What a great product!"

"I am confused as to why this is not the most popular graphics tool on the market."


"That is amazing, not only do provide a brilliant product you also provide the best customer service I have ever received. Thank you very much. "

David Johnson

"Many thanks for the best program on the planet. "

Ron Johnson

"Thanks for ... all the work you have put into Pro. The pdf import/export is fantastic - I can work exclusively in Xara but still provide my customers with .ai and .eps (although, of course I do my best to persuade them that they just need pdf!). "

Dave Wilkinson

"Amazing software! "

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