Designer Pro X11 reviews

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Designer Pro X9 reviews


Voted Software of the Year by the editors of PC Pro

"This release maintains its focus on providing users with a proven toolset for creating complex vector illustrations that can contain an unusually large bitmap image component, thanks to Xara's long-standing dedication to speed. "

"Releases of Xara always provide significant new functionality and version 9 is no different, with this spread across its illustration, image editing, page layout and website creation capabilities. "

"The core vector illustration functionality is really quite exceptional. "

Software Crew

"Xara Group has announced the release of Xara Designer Pro X9, the latest edition of its all-in-one photo editing, web design, illustration and desktop publishing tool. It’s a significant upgrade too, with worthwhile new features everywhere you look. "

"Put is all together and Xara Designer Pro X9 remains a powerhouse publishing tool. "

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"A considerable refinement of an already excellent all-round design package – a tempting alternative to Adobe’s all-powerful CC suite."

Tom Arah, PC Pro 3rd Sept 2013: Read more

TechByter Worldwide

"As usual, Xara provides more functionality than expected for less than you anticipate paying "

"At \$300 (\$200 for upgrades), Xara Designer Pro X9 is the most expensive member of the Xara Designer family, but the application can be used to edit photos, create illustrations, develop websites, and lay out individual and multi-page docucments. Besides Xara's cost advantage, there's the usability boost that's a result of maintaining a common interface for each of the application's major functions. Xara's interface differs from those of most other applications, but once you've learned it, you know how all of the components work. "

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PC Advisor

"Xara Designer Pro X9 is a powerful graphics tool which combines illustration, photo editing, desktop publishing and web design into a single application. There’s enormous depth here. "

"The WYSIWYG web designer is extremely easy to use, yet still gives you enormous control over your design. "

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Designer Pro X reviews

PC Advisor

"Xara Designer Pro X (the package formerly known as Xara Xtreme Pro) is Xara's high-end design tool, which has the power to cater for all your graphics needs."

"This means the program includes everything you'd get in its little brother, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer MX: excellent photo editing (with support for Photoshop plug-ins), powerful illustration, drawing and shape tools, and the ability to create a host of web graphics (including simple Flash animations)."

"And the ability to create professional web-based presentations is powerful enough to be an application in its own right."

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Graphics Unleashed

"Xara Designer Pro X is still by far the fastest illustration software out there. With the new features added in this latest version, it is definitely a tool you should evaluate to see if it meets your needs. There is a free trial available and it has good bang for the buck if you decide to purchase."

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"The latest version of Xara is positioned as a faster, cheaper, easier-to-learn alternative to Adobe's Creative Suite."

"Releases of Xara always provide significant new functionality and version 8 is no different."

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PC Authority

"From photos to illustration, print to web work, Xara Designer Pro X can handle all your creative needs."

"Xara Designer Pro X is an amazingly versatile graphics tool with a very lengthy list of features, which somehow still remains easy to use."

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"All put together, this new version of Xara Designer Pro X builds upon the earlier release, and adds more features to deliver a compelling release. A very attractive upgrade pricing option makes this a no-brainer for existing Xara users, and for everyone else, this is a product that certainly needs to be explored closely."

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Designer Pro 7 reviews


"Xara Designer Pro Does What Adobe CSStandard Does--For Far Less Money (...) the super-charged sister to Xara Photo & Graphic Designer. This all-in-one print and Web design tool can edit photos, graphics (including 3D), animation, and page layouts without switching between programs. (...)includes all of the features of Xara Web Designer 7 Premium--templates, widget support, hosting, to name a few--in addition to animated flash and .GIF export, navbar and popup creation, sitemaps, and webinar and web presentation support (...) The Designer Pro version of the software also adds support for multi-core processors, giving Designer Pro 7 the potential for extremely high-performing and speedy graphics rendering. For those who live in the print world, Designer Pro 7 allows you to preview CMYK separations and spot color plates, emulsion position, and other advanced settings; plus gives you PANTONE® color, PDF/X, and XPS support (...) is as intuitive, economical, and useful as Xara Photo & Graphic Designer and is well worth the upgrade if you know you'll need the additional Web authoring or print production tools: After all, you're still getting a first class product that can go head-to-head with Adobe Creative Suite Standard (a bundle that will set you back about \$1,000), for a fraction of the price."

Xara Designer Pro 7, Clare Brandt, 23rd June 2011

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Designer Pro 6 reviews

Winner of 3 Reader’s Choice Awards, 2011: Best Desktop Publishing Software Graphic Designers, Best DTP Software for Business Professionals and Best DTP Software for Personal Projects.


"...Xara is a corker of a program."


"Xara Designer Pro 6 continues being an awesome product that makes working with all graphic types so much easy."

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Xtreme Pro 5 reviews

Imagine FX

"As an all-round art and design app, Xara Xtreme Pro takes a lot to be beaten."

Web Designer Magazine

"The software has an impressive line-up of features."