• There are plenty of tempting offers this month! If you’re an owner of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium or Page & Layout Designer then now is a good moment to consider an upgrade to our flagship product Designer Pro X, because we have a 30% discount on the regular cost of upgrading. Details below.

  • We also have a whole host of other offers ending on 30th September – template and widget packs, MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus and Music Maker, and the last few days of our intro offer on Page & Layout Designer. Check them out on our offer page at

  • We’ve also got lots of great new tutorials from Xara and the Xara Xone. Our tutorial on creating a brochure touches on some of the new text and DTP features of v9, Gary Bouton gives the extrude tool a work-out and Rik Datta offers plenty of illustration and design tips in his guest tutorial for the Xara Xone. More info below.

  • Don’t miss our other news including free updates to v9, new non-English versions of Designer titles, and as always some great images in Inspirational Art.

Our pick of images based loosely on a theme of animals. - Find out more
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Acorn's Minimalist Poster for September: The topic for this month is Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window. Take up the challenge and provide your own poster in the Minimalist Poster September 2013 thread. Remember maximum thinking and minimum drawing!

  • If that seems a bit difficult try the scribble challenge each month, it's still very good exercise for the creative brain cells! September scribble challenge.


If you're keen on plug-ins we'd draw your attention to the Filter Forge tutorial videos by Frances Proctor (aka angelize in TalkGraphics). Here's the latest, in which she creates different kinds of seamless repeating noise in Filter Forge and shows you how to use them in Xara as transparencies and fills. You can find more in the plug-ins forum on TG.

Creating a Multi-Page Brochure for Print and the Web
Free v9 Patches
We’re released updates for all v9 products in the last few days. These are free if you already own v9, make sure you have the latest by selecting Help > Update within the program. Photo & Graphic Designer and Web Designer Premium include new import & export filters for MS Word docx!
Additional details

Xara & MAGIX Offers Ending Monday
You need to move fast! Our half price offers on MAGIX Music Maker, Music Maker Premium and Movie Edit Pro Plus, and Template Pack 1 & 2, Widget Pack 1, Web Pack 1 & 2 all end on Monday, 30th September 2013 (midnight PST).
Template & Widget Packs
MAGIX Titles

German & Italian v9
MAGIX has just released the German version of Designer Pro X9 and Italian versions of Photo & Graphic Designer 9, Web Designer 9 and Page & Layout Designer 9. You can buy them right now on the MAGIX sites.
Xara Designer DE - Weitere Infos
Xara Designer IT - Altre Info

Xara News, As It Happens
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Push Tool Shortcuts

In all the Designer titles you can temporarily select the Push Tool by holding down the space bar, then you can push the page as required. Let go and you will return to the previous tool. Or use the middle mouse button (or scroll wheel) to drag the page around.
"Xara Group has announced the release of Xara Designer Pro X9, the latest edition of its all-in-one photo editing, web design, illustration and desktop publishing tool. It’s a significant upgrade too, with worthwhile new features everywhere you look."

"Put is all together and Xara Designer Pro X9 remains a powerhouse publishing tool."

Xara Designer Pro X9 reviewed by Software Crew
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