• There are more great tutorials this month; firstly an updated tutorial on Flash animation controls suitable for owners of Photo & Graphic Designer, Designer Pro or Web Designer Premium, plus a new tutorial on the Magic Erase tool in Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro. Also don't miss the special edition Workbook on the Xara Xone which looks at e-commerce widgets in Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro. You'll find all the links below.

  • Plus if you're an owner of Web Designer Premium or Photo & Graphic Designer 6 or 7 then check out this month's offer on upgrades to Designer Pro 7. It's just been extended to 3rd October, so there's still time to download the Pro trial and give it a spin, see below.

  • And don't miss our other regular features including Inspirational Art, which features work from 3 top Xara artists on the timeless theme of watches. And for more Art check out the updated Xara Gallery, where 6 artists have new work to show (see below in Other News).
Some classic photo realistic images from 3 top Xara artists on a theme that seems to be irresistible to illustrators: Watches.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month: TalkGraphics
  • There are some wonderful entries in this month’s Stop & Post thread. Why not show us what you're currently working on in the September Stop & Post.
  • I'm sure ODdOnLifeItself wasn't expecting to get paid in virtual dollars when he posted his scribble but pretty anything goes in the scribble challenge.
Web Designer Free Update
We’ve released a free update for Web Designer. Those running an earlier version of Web Designer 7 Classic or Premium should use the Update Program option from the program's Help menu in order to patch their existing installation.
Free Web Designer 7 Update

Xara Artist Gallery Updated
We've updated the Artist Gallery on xara.com/gallery with new material from no less than 6 different designers. Don’t forget to let give the Gallery page the thumbs up with a Facebook Like if you like what you see.
Visit Xara Art Gallery Now

Italian Version of MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer V7
MAGIX has released the Italian version of MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer V7. Find out more.
New Italian Version

Facebook Tutorial Updated
Our Facebook tutorial which shows how to add pages created in Xara to your Facebook page tabs has been updated to cover the latest changes by Facebook.
Iframe Tutorial

Xara News, As It Happens
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"It continues to improve on an already rich set of features, lets you create simple web sites, doesn't require a beast of a PC to do its stuff and is a fantastic all-purpose, cost-effective graphics program for individuals and small businesses."

Photo & Graphic Designer 7 reviewed by IT Reviews.

"...I’ll say up front that Photo & Graphic Designer 7 has a few features that I have not seen elsewhere, and some features that work more smoothly than in any other image editor package on the market."

Photo & Graphic Designer 7 reviewed by Mode Studio.
Text styles
If you want to copy text styles then use Copy > Paste Attributes (shortcut Shift + Ctrl + A). It's good for fonts, text size and color, line spacing or any other attribute.

If you're going to use a style a lot in a long document, why not put a line of text with all your styles applied on the pasteboard alongside your document where you can easily copy it at any point.
We've updated all our Photo & Graphic Designer/Designer Pro movies and added some new ones.

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