• This month we've got a couple of intro photo tutorials, and a Halloween tutorial to go with the free Halloween clipart added to your Designs Gallery. And on the subject of free, there's a new V7 update (see Other News below).

  • We've been offering MAGIX titles in the Xara store for the last year, and the clear favorite among Xara users has been Movie Edit Pro. Maybe that's not surprising when adding movies to your site is becoming a 'must'. This month we've launched the new Movie Edit Pro MX (v18) and there's a launch offer to go with it, details below.

  • And we've also just released Widget Pack 1, which includes 4 new widgets optimized for use with Xara V7 web design software. Check them out on our widget page and if you find just what your site needs then we've got a launch offer on that too (see below)!

  • Don't miss our other regular features including Inspirational Art, which this month has a rather loose theme of spherical things. And for more Art check out the updated Xara Gallery (see below in Other News) and the unusual Flash and 3D images of Anas ibn Handel on the Xara Xone.
Strange but rather wonderful glass spheres from 4 different Xara artists.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month: TalkGraphics
  • We love to see what you're currently working on, so why not join in the monthly Stop & Post thread. There's a few days left for the October Stop & Post.
  • You can also show us what you did with our Halloween clipart mentioned in Other News (below) here.
  • And there's always the scribble challenge. Any silliness allowed!
Xara Designer Pro DE on The New Pro Site
MAGIX has recently released Xara Designer Pro 7 in German and it’s available right now on a brand new Pro website (in German). Find out more:
Weitere Infos

Halloween Graphics in The V7 Designs Gallery
We recently added some free Halloween clipart to the Designs Gallery of Designer Pro 7 and Photo & Graphic Designer 7, you should find it now in a new Halloween folder at the bottom of the Designs Gallery, and one of this month's tutorial (links on the left) is a simple idea on how to create a party invite using the clipart. Enjoy Halloween!

Free V7 Update
We’ve recently released another update for V7 Web Designer, Web Designer Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro. To make sure you have the latest updates select the Update Program option in the program's help menu and that will download any free patches that have been issued.

Xara Gallery Updated
We're continuing to update the Xara Gallery at xara.com/gallery, this month we've added some great new work from 3 of the artists. Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the updates through the Like button.
Visit The Xara Gallery Now

Xara News, As It Happens
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"A solid list of improvements to an already outstanding program that combines illustration, DTP, image editing and animation in a friendly interface."

Photo & Graphic Designer 7 is given 5 stars and a Best Buy award by Expert Reviews.

"Xara is the new way to spell easy."

"Never have so many features cost so little and done so much."

Photo & Graphic Designer 7 reviewed by Techbyter.

A Quicker Way of Working in The Designs Gallery

If you right click on an image in the Designs Gallery you'll see some options that will save you lots of time moving around the Gallery; 'fold section' closes the current folder, 'next section' takes you to the next folder in the Designs Gallery and 'previous section' takes you to the one above.

Handy Zoom Shortcuts

There are lots of useful zoom shortcuts, but here's a good place to start. In the Zoom tool simply pressing 1, 2, 3 or 4 will give you 100%, 200% etc. 5 is 50%.

And there's a quick way to select the Zoom tool - just type Z (unless you're in the Text tool).
In this impressive speed drawing, Olias32 demonstrates how he created this alarm clock image in Xara Designer Pro 6.

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