• Don't miss our all new Widget Guide, this month's featured tutorial. Widgets are a great way to add functionality to your web pages, and our guide shows you how to make the most of the enhanced Widget support in Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Pro 6, covering popular Widget categories such as e-commerce, forms and social networking.

  • The vote for the football themed Outsider contest was pretty close, but congratulations to Derek Cooper who has emerged the winner, and thank you to the two runners up Paul Söderholm and Aaron Nagasaka. For this month's challenge, exercise your design grey cells on a new TalkGraphics logo, see below.

  • There are two great offers this month - a full 30% discount on plug-ins from Alien Skin and AvBros, for Xtreme, Photo & Graphic Designer and Pro owners, ends 2nd November, and significant savings on the newly launched MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17 (the most popular MAGIX product with Xara customers) ends 4th November. Details below.

  • Plus we have our regular features including the ever popular Inspirational Art which features some great images and new artists on a theme of flight.
This month our theme is 'flight' and we have some truly great art created with Xara. What's more we're showing the work of two new artists whose work we've never shown in the Outsider. This style of graphic is perfect for Xara because it's part art, part technical illustration.
TalkGraphics members have voted for a new skin, now we need a new logo to go with it, so go ahead and submit your suggestions to the TalkGraphics thread.

Submit your design now.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 17
OFFER: Xara customers can make big savings on the newly released Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus, just launched with more than 50 new features! Offer ends 4th November. Find out more.

German Xara Designer Pro
NEW: Xara has released a German language version of Xara Designer Pro 6, available now from the Xara site Find out more.

French, Dutch, Spanish...
NEW: The translators have been busy, MAGIX has released French, Dutch and Spanish language versions of Photo & Graphic Designer 6 in the last month. Find out more about all localized Xara software

Xara Gallery Update
Another great new artist (Nancy Griffin) has been added to the Xara Gallery. Visit the Xara Gallery to find out more.

Xara News, As It Happens
If you don't want to wait for the next Outsider, you can sign up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can join our Facebook community - now with over 2700 followers - or follow our tweets at twitter.com/xaragroup.

Football/Soccer Competition
Congratulations to Derek Cooper, a worthy winner of the Football/Soccer contest, as decided by a popular vote of Outsider readers.
"XPGD 6’s blistering speed is a real asset in all image-editing tasks.. "

"This program really does do it all."

Photoshop Daily Read the review

"Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is extraordinarily intuitive for the first-time user, but has serious depth for the power user. "

PC World Read the review

Quickshape Tips (XPGD & DP6 only)
You can give a Quickshape rounded corners by simply double clicking on the corners. You can also turn the Quickshape polygon in to a star by double clicking on its outline or in to a circle by double clicking on the cross in the middle of the shape.

A slick cartoon slideshow from Zebtoonz on YouTube:

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