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  • It’s that Black Friday time of the year again, so we know you'll be expecting some tempting offers from Xara – and you won’t be disappointed! This year our offer includes all the Designer titles and runs from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday (which for those of you outside the US means Thursday 24th to Monday 28th November). Links below.

  • In this month's tutorial we take a closer look at the photo grids, new in the 365 versions of Photo & Graphic Designer, Web Designer Premium and Designer Pro. They're a great way to display your photos, with both simple static and 'smart' photo grids.

  • Owners of Designer Pro and Web Designer Premium will want to check out the latest update to the 365 version, which includes new photo filters and a Table of Contents feature for Pro (more under Other News). We've also recently added the Google Forms widget (more under Hints & Tips). And we hope everyone will want to check out this month's Inspirational Art, which showcases the beautiful fairy tale inspired work of Aiyanne Chan.
Inspirational Art // Aiyanne Chan

This month in Inspirational Art, we showcase the work of Aiyanne Chan for the first time - Find out more

Seasonal Offer // Black Friday, Cyber Monday & More
Featured Tutorial // An Introduction to Photo Grids

Discover the perfect way to display your photos

Other News
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Good to see that Angelize is sharing her creative knowledge on TalkGraphics again. She has been playing around with the idea of using art brushes to create light effects and has attached her .xar file to the post. Thank you Angelize for giving others the chance to learn new skill sets, keep sharing! Art brushes.

  • We have enjoyed this month's scribble challenge and Rik has created this clever spirograph in Scribble November. Why not have a go, it would be great to see more members showing us their designs. And don't forget the popular Shapes Challenge (the word of the month is 'drop', shapes are provided by Wizard509).

  • Here's a handy tip... If you’ve spotted the Isometric Grid option in Designer Pro X365 and wondered when you’d want to use it - take some useful advice from other TalkGraphics members. It's great to see our talented users sharing their knowledge of our products. Enlighten Me.

Other News

Designer Pro X and Web Designer Premium 365 Updates
Earlier in November we released a free update to the 365 versions of Designer Pro X and Web Designer Premium, under our Update Service.

New features are marked as NEW - November 2016 on our What’s New pages:
What's New in Designer Pro X
What's New in Web Designer Premium

Details have also been added to the Designer Pro X365 release notes and Web Designer 365 Premium release notes

To update your copy simply start the program and it will automatically find any available update. Alternatively select "Update program" in the program Help menu. Note you need to have unlocked AND registered your program to receive updates.

Xara News, As It Happens
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Hints & Tips

The Widget Guide: Google Forms
Don’t forget we have a guide to using the Widgets in Web Designer and Designer Pro. What’s more we’ve just updated it to cover the new Google Forms widget, recently added to the 365 versions of Web Designer and Designer Pro under Components > Print & Web Components > Forms.

You can create your own custom forms but Google also offers templates for the most popular forms including questionnaires, surveys and contact forms.

Widget Guide

Press Reviews

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 365 got a WOW! from Techbyter:

“OK, Xara. This time you get 5 cats and a WOW! The number of new features and improved capabilities, coupled with a year's worth of no-cost upgrades and a program that continues to work for users that decide not to pay for next year's upgrade makes this version a winner.” Read the whole review.

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