• It's a great month for art. Firstly we have another impressive selection in Inspirational Art (part 2 of our flight theme) but also we've added an easy way of stepping back thru all previous Inspirational Arts. And if that isn't enough, Gary has made his pick of favorite art from 10 years of Featured Artists in the Xara Xone. Find out more below.

  • It's a pretty good month for offers too! If you still own V5 of Web Designer, Xtreme or Pro then don't miss the last few days of our upgrade offer to V6, extended to December 5th. Plus we've arranged a discount on MAGIX Photostory for Xara owners. More on both below. And look out for more Xmas offers on xara.com throughout December!

  • We've started to revise all our previous tutorials to V6 and we kick off with a trio this month, links below. There’s an intro to Flash, and a more advanced Flash tutorial in which we create a seasonal Christmas animation. Plus in this season of card-giving a tutorial on editing card templates seemed in order.

  • If you're an owner of Photo & Graphic Designer 6 or Designer Pro 6, here's your chance to have your say in what templates we work on for future versions by taking part in our poll below.

  • Plus we have our regular features including Xara Xone and TalkGraphics news and featured movies.
This is part 2 on a theme of 'flight' and we have some more inspiring examples from the master of plane art Graham Ward, Bill Dale and Outsider newcomer Mike Emerson.

Plus don't miss the new drop down menu that lets you browse thru all past issues.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
OFFER: MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD 9 deluxe
Big discounts for Xara customers on this popular slideshow creation title from MAGIX, perfectly timed for the Christmas photo bonanza! Ends 17th December.
Find out more.

Some seasonal clipart & templates from Xara
Owners of Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro should find some new Christmas themed clipart and some card templates in the Designs Gallery in a new 'Xmas' folder. It's an easy way to add a bit of Christmas spirit to your site, perfect for scrapbookers too - and we won't tell anyone you didn't create it yourself!

NEW: MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011
Xara has released the new MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011, available now from the Xara site, so if your PC is running a bit slow this might be just what you need! Find out more.

Xara News, As It Happens
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"I’m an expert in vector editors such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, so I did not expect to be surprised with any other program. Oh, how wrong I was!"

Read the review and product intro on Vector.tutsplus.com.
Reduce Your File Size
Did you know you can reduce the size of your XAR file and the memory required to edit it, by optimizing large photos. Use Utilities > Optimize photo for selected photos, or (in V6 only) Utilities > Optimize all JPEGs to optimize all photos in the document. This removes any invisible parts of a cropped photo, reduces the resolution of photos (to 96dpi by default but you can control this) and converts any PNG or bitmap to embedded JPEGs.

If you're an owner of Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro 6, you can help us decide what sort of templates to work on by taking part in our 1 minute poll:
A handful of new mini movies covering V6 features, taken from a recent 2 hour presentation of the new features (just as well he didn't have to cover the existing features)! Movies include the clone tool, masking and enhance transparency and content aware zoom and we'll continue to update them in the next few weeks.

You will find them in the NEW category of our movies page.

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