• We have some great new tutorials and reference material for you this month. The Outsider tutorial takes a look at the new SmartShape feature in Web Designer 10, and on the Xara Xone Gary Bouton throws light on the often confusing subject of dots, pixels and resolution in his essay ‘What is This Deepy Eye Stuff Anyhow?’ Plus he sneaks in a mini tutorial involving the free textures and planar shapes in Free Stuff. More information below.

  • It’s also a good month for offers, with discounts on the most popular movie titles from MAGIX, print and template bundle offers on Page & Layout Designer and Designer Pro, details below. And don’t forget there are intro offers on upgrades from Web Designer 9 to Web Designer 10 (deadline 11th June).

  • We also have a great selection of images for you in Inspirational Art. Also we have news of the first of many localised versions of the new Web Designer 10 (Other News) and, hot off the press, the first v10 review.
Our choice of images from posts on TalkGraphics and Featured Artists on the Xara Xone. - Find out more
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • With a massive 96,000+ views and 293 posts, the most popular thread on TalkGraphics is the post by professional fantasy cartographer Michael K. Tumey (Gamerprinter), fantasy maps created with Xara, started in 2010 and still going strong. If there is anyone out there who hasn't already viewed this post, then it's a must see - especially if you don't know what Fantasy Maps are all about.

  • It's pretty quiet in the Challenges Forum this month - maybe you're all too busy playing with the new Web Designer 10? Well it's not too late to put that right, fire up your creative cells and make your post in the Drop Cap, Scribble or Minimalist Film Poster challenges.


Supersites are new in V10 and offer an original and eye catching way of making your small or focussed websites stand out from the crowd. Check out our Supersite movie on YouTube.

While you're there why not subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified when we add new movies.


SmartShapes in Web Designer 10
Web Designer Intro Offers End 11th June
The deadline is approaching for our intro offers on Web Designer 10. Web Designer 9 and 9 Premium owners can upgrade to v10, and all Web Designer owners can upgrade to Premium at a special introductory price, up to and including Wednesday 11th June.
Web Designer 10 Intro Offers

Web Designer 10 DE
MAGIX has just released the German language versions of the new Web Designer 10 and 10 Premium, available now on their site.
Mehr Infos
Info on all localized versions

Xara News, As It Happens
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"Other notable additions include 'Supersites ... they're very impressive, easy to create and comparable with the slickest Flash based sites you're likely to find."

Micromart (Issue 1312 22nd May 2014) awards the new Web Designer 10 Premium 9/10 and Editor's Choice.
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