• Designer Pro X11 has arrived at last and you can download and purchase it right now on

    Web highlights in V11 include those 'must-haves' of modern web design - sticky objects, stretching backgrounds and eye-catching animation types. Illustrators will also have plenty of new opportunities to experiment, with the all-new concept of Art Brushes and significantly enhanced Scatter Brushes, new transparency types and an enhanced Shape Painter tool. But there's plenty more - we have links below to the overview on our website, more detailed release notes, demo websites and much more.

  • We have short introductory launch offers on upgrades from Designer Pro X10 and upgrades from Photo & Graphic Designer, Page & Layout Designer and Web Designer Premium. And of course we have an upgrade route for owners of *all* older versions of Designer Pro and Xara Xtreme Pro. More information below.

  • The Shape Painter Liquify Tools and latest SmartShapes (don't miss the new spiral) are the first quite simple examples of what can be created with our new plugin technology, for which we intend to publish an API. If you’re a JavaScript developer and this sounds interesting, contact Marketing to register your interest and we’ll keep you posted.

  • Designer Pro 11 owners also have the first chance to use our new Xara Online Designer service, which allows you to remotely edit the text and replace images on your website from anywhere, using any device! Find out more in the Xara Online Designer Release Notes.

  • Don't overlook our Other News including a free minor update to Photo & Graphic Designer 11. Plus we have a tutorial on the new Sticky & Stretchy web features, and there's a new tutorial making great use of the 3D Extrude tool and new Free Stuff in the Xara Xone. Find out more below.

More info
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • If you have any questions or suggestions about Designer Pro 11 or Photo & Graphic Designer 11 head over to the graphics chat forum, always the best place for encouragement, advice and support.

  • While you're there don't fail to check out the Xara Art Gallery forum which has had some great posts in the last month or so (you can also see some of the recent Art Gallery highlights on our Facebook page).

  • There have also been some great examples of the new Art Brushes, including these from Egg Bramhill (shown right >>>), Angelize and Penny O'Rorke


Stretchy, Sticky and Animated Objects on your Website
Website Gallery
Don't forget you can submit your websites created in Web Designer or Pro for possible inclusion in our Website Gallery, just check the 'include my website..' option in the Publish dialog when you publish your finished site. Like this...

Free Photo & Graphic Designer 11 Patch
We have just released a patch for Photo & Graphic Designer 11. The update is free if you already own v11, and includes a new ability to flow text left or right of an embedded graphic.
More info on the PGD11 update

Photo & Graphic Designer 11 Launch Offers Extended
We have just extended our Photo & Graphic Designer 11 launch offers on both new copies and upgrades from v10 until 3rd August 2015.
PGD11 upgrade options

Xara News, As It Happens
You can be first to receive Xara news by signing up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can join more than 52,775 followers in our Facebook community or if you prefer our Google + page, or follow our tweets at

Release Notes & PDF Manual

You can find details on the new v11 features in the Designer Pro X11 Release Notes.

Owners of Designer Pro 11 have access to the beta service of Xara Online Designer which enables remote editing of the text of your website, from anywhere, on any device. You can find more information in the Release Notes for Xara Online Designer.

If you purchased in the Xara online store you will also find a link to a PDF manual in your purchase confirmation email, updated for v11.

Windows 10 & Designer 11 Activations

All our current products work with Windows 10. If you own one of our Designer v11 titles we strongly recommend that you deactivate it before installing Windows 10, so you don't lose one of your activations unnecessarily. The option to Deactivate is in the Help menu.

Font Awesome + Auto Correction (v11)

Two of our favorite (but easily overlooked) features can be used together. Auto correction allows you to set up shortcuts to words and phrases (so for example WD could automatically expand to Web Designer when you type it), but you can also use it for symbols from the Font Awesome collection eg typing euro would expand to €. There's a symbol picker in the Auto Correction dialog to make it easy!
“..the core vector illustration functionality is really quite exceptional."

“Releases of Xara always provide significant new functionality and version 11 is no different."

says See the full review
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