• At last, Designer Pro X9 has arrived! Our flagship product now includes all the great new features of Web Designer 9 Premium, Photo & Graphic Designer 9 and Page & Layout Designer 9.

    We list some of the new features below and you can find full information about the new features on our website. Plus don’t miss Gary Priester’s ‘First Look’ at Pro X9 on the Xara Xone, and there's detailed information in the release notes. And don't forget you can discuss the new product in the Xara Graphics & Web forums on TalkGraphics - you can find links to all these below.

    We have a short intro upgrade offer from Designer Pro X (v8) and there's upgrade pricing from all older versions of Pro. Plus there's a special offer for anyone who recently upgraded their Photo & Graphic Designer 8 or Web Designer Premium 8 to v9.

  • There's still plenty of other news; In the Xara Xone you can follow Rik Datta's steps in creating a bottle top image, read previews on all the v9 releases, and there are new freebies to download. Plus there's a launch offer on MAGIX Video Easy, and we're looking for your help with a couple of surveys and an article on CNET!
More info
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • The Xara Graphics Chat and Xara Web Chat forums have been busy since the launch. If you have questions about the new versions it's the perfect place to find answers, so why not join in now!

  • Of course we hope you love the Designer Pro splash screen and icon, but it seems that some TalkGraphics posters have been replacing their Designer Pro icons and splash screens with their own.

  • You’ve still got a few days to add your contribution to the July scribble challenge (and there were some good ones in June).


Check out this short intro movie on Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 9, just added to our YouTube channel.
NEW: MAGIX Video Easy, v5
We’ve just released a new version of MAGIX Video Easy, v5, with a bundle launch offer, and you can buy it right now on the Xara site. Don't delay, offer ends 14th August 2013! MAGIX Video Easy

Adobe vs Xara
Xara Designer Pro license vs Adobe Creative Cloud subscription?? Add your comments to this CNET discussion.

Xara Surveys
If you've already purchased Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro you can help us make future decisions relating to the product by completing our very short survey. All help appreciated!

Xara News, As It Happens
You can be first to receive Xara news by signing up to the RSS feed on our News page, or you can join more than 40,150 followers in our Facebook community, or follow our tweets at
v8 & v9 Manuals

Is there a PDF manual? Yes, and you will find the link to it in your purchase confirmation email!

We also have a 500 page printed manual for Designer Pro X9 (included in new copies but not upgrades from older versions of Pro). You can buy a copy on our site @, in the right hand column, £20/€20/$30 plus shipping. For older versions contact sales.

"This release maintains its focus on providing users with a proven toolset for creating complex vector illustrations that can contain an unusually large bitmap image component, thanks to Xara's long-standing dedication to speed."

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