• If you haven't already upgraded your Web Designer to v11, or indeed you haven't yet taken the plunge and started to create your own website, then the February offer is for you. There's one last chance to upgrade your existing copy of Web Designer to v11 at the launch prices, plus there's a short discount offer on new copies. Offer ends February 21, more details below.

  • This month's tutorial is Part 1 of a two part exploration of color editing, taking a look at the color line and the color editor, see below. Check back next month for some more advanced concepts such as linked colors, shades and tints. And don't forget you can now find all our most recent tutorials on the Xara Xone.

  • Last but never least, you'll find another new designer in Inspirational Art, see below. And a tip for those of you whose first click is always on the Art, don't forget you can easily browse thru back issues of Inspirational Art via the drop down menu at to the top of the Art page.

Showcasing the work of Maxim Lysak, a newcomer to Inspirational Art. - Find out more
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Our pick of Top Talk this month:

Learn how to create, edit and customize Art & Scatter Brushes (new in Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro 11) in the latest new movie added to our YouTube channel.

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The Color Line, the Color Line Context menu and the Color Editor
Russian Photo & Graphic Designer 11
MAGIX has just released a Russian language version of Photo & Graphic Designer 11 and it's available now on their website.
Дополнительная информация
Info on all non-English versions

Website Gallery
Don't forget you can submit your websites created in Web Designer or Pro for possible inclusion in our Website Gallery, just check the 'include my website..' option in the Publish dialog when you publish your finished site. Like this...

Xara News, As It Happens
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Art & Scatter Brushes
You've all noticed that there was a big improvement in the Freehand & Brush tool in Photo & Graphic Designer / Designer Pro 11, right?!

The brand new Art Brushes stretch a vector shape or bitmap along the line, whereas the Scatter Brushes that you know from before repeat shapes along a line (but you can now create them using any type of object - so for example you could include feathering or extrusions). You can create your own brushes but we offer a ready-made set of course, which you can find in the Brush drop down in the InfoBar of the Freehand & Brush tool, the Art brushes have an (A) after their name. Or you can browse thru them in the Line Gallery.

Watch this month's featured movie to find out more (above) or check out our knowledgebase article.
"Substantial new features and a promising cloud service push this comprehensive web design program ahead of its rivals."

Says Computeractive (issue 453), giving Web Designer 11 Premium their Buy It award.

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