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  • Yes, we are really 35 years old! And the appropriate anniversary offer can only be 35% off our key titles. So if you've had an eye on one of the Designer titles then now is the moment to grab a bargain - no need to wait for Black Friday this year! Offer ends Tuesday 30th August, links below. And if you'd like to discover what we've been doing for 35 years check out our History and Product Timeline, which starts with Space Invaders for the Acorn Atom in 1981.

  • There have been some significant improvements to the photo features of Photo & Graphic Designer and Designer Pro this year, so we're continuing to update out library of photo tutorials, adding two fully revised tutorials this month. Find out more below.

  • Magix has been busy creating more localized versions of the latest Designer titles, you'll find details of the latest new releases under Other News.
35th Anniversary Offers // Save 35%!
Featured Tutorial // Changing Colors in Your Photos

The color select feature of the Photo Enhance tool

Featured Tutorial // Adjusting Shadows & Highlights

How to alter the brightness of shadows & highlights in your photos

Other News
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • We think you will agree this Burton Ales bottle top created by Rik is impressive. To top it all (couldn’t resist slipping that one in!), he has kindly attached a .xar file so you can have a go at making your own design. It was great to see that Igor01 was inspired and put his skills to work producing this British pound bottle top. We hope you have fun creating your own design and don’t forget to share with the TalkGraphics community. Bottle Cap.

  • If you found last month's word challenge interesting then check out the August variation. Wizard509 has provided a set of shapes, all you have to do is use them to illustrate the word Light! So far we have seen some very clever ideas. Is there a ball lighter than a ping pong ball? How about a fluff ball Rik? August Challenge!

    Don’t forget the regular Scribble Challenge. Hats off to iamtheblues for his design this month, perfect for keeping one's head cool. Why not switch your creativity cells on and head over to the Challenge Forum!
Other News

Make Great Music & Videos This Summer!
Save up to 25% on some of the most popular MAGIX titles in the Xara Online store. Capture those moments with Video Pro X7, a video editing solution geared towards the demanding requirements of ambitious and professional users. Music Maker lets you produce your own songs using drag & drop controls, no previous experience is required, with tons of useful tips to help you make your way into music production and find new inspiration.
Read More

Spanish & Dutch Photo & Graphic Designer
Earlier in August Magix released the Spanish and Dutch language version of the latest Photo & Graphic Designer, including the 365 day Update Service. Both can be purchased and downloaded now from the Magix websites and will be in local stores soon.
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Hints & Tips

Object Names in the Page & Layer Gallery
In the new 365 versions you can now give names to individual objects in the Page & Layer Gallery, which makes it a lot easier to find objects and to organize your designs. Simply select the object in the Page & Layer Gallery and then either click again or right click and select Rename Objects.

Changing your Default Document
It's easy to change the default settings for new documents, such as page units. Create a new document with the settings you want, select File > Save Template and check the option 'Use as Default Template'.

Press Reviews

Photo & Graphic Designer 365 gets the BuyIt! award from Computer Active (issue 482).

"It's still our favourite all-round affordable design package, and still good value even if you upgrade every year."

Read more Photo & Graphic Designer reviews.

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