• We've extended the intro offers on the new Xara Designer Pro X10 and Photo & Graphic Designer 10 to 7th September, but that still doesn't leave much time if you haven't found a moment to take a look at the new versions yet! More info on the offers below.

  • Whether you're still considering or have already upgraded, you'll want to check out our new tutorial on the Shadow & Highlight controls added to the Photo Enhance tool of Photo & Graphic Designer 10 and Designer Pro X10. There is also a great new tutorial in the Xara Xone from Guest Tutorialist mwenz, combining his love of typography and great design. More details on both of these below.

  • If you have already purchased v10 then we recommend you download the latest free patches. Web Designer owners in particular will want to hit the Update option in the Help menu because the patch adds the Font Awesome feature to v10. More info under Other News below.

  • It's not all about v10 this month. We have short offers on three top MAGIX titles - Movie Edit Pro Plus, Music Maker and Music Maker Premium. No less than 50% off, one week only! Details below.

  • Last but not least don't miss this month's Inspirational Art which features the work of two artists who are completely new to the Outsider.
Our choice of images from posts on TalkGraphics and Xara artists elsewhere. - Find out more
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Many of you are on holiday so there’s really no excuse for not joining in the Challenges this month. There are some really excellent scribbles this month, and the Drop Cap Challenge hasn’t been ignored, we’re now on to the Letter K. And if that’s not enough there’s a Minimalist Poster Challenge on a theme of Ghostbusters.

  • V10 is out so some of the guys have been customizing their splashscreens again. And uh oh, Gary has started on the icon! You'll find the thread in Graphics Chat here.


Caddysnap shows you how to create gel buttons in less than 2 minutes on YouTube. He's using Xara Designer Pro but it's the same technique for Photo & Graphic Designer or Web Designer. You'll be surprised how easy it is!


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Download the Free v10 Patches Now
During August we have released free patches for all v10 programs, and we always recommend you download them. Web Designer 10 owners will definitely want to download the latest patch asap because it adds the great Font Awesome feature to the Insert menu!

The updates are free if you already own v10, make sure you have the latest by selecting Help > Update within the program.
Latest Patch Information

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Combine Shapes Shortcuts
As those of you who have watched this month's featured movie might have noticed, there are some great time-saving shortcuts to the Arrange > Combine Shapes options. Ctrl+1 for Add Shapes, +2 for Subtract Shapes, +3 for Intersect Shapes and +4 for Slice.

Quick Deselect
Did you know there's a really quick way to deselect everything - simply hit the Escape key!
"Web Designer 10 Premium is an excellent web editor, ideal for those who want to produce professional-looking sites without dirtying their hands with code".

Computer Shopper Oct 2014 Issue 320 awards Xara Web Designer 10 Premium a Best Buy.
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