• Two great tutorials this month. Inspired by all the medals that have been awarded this month we decided to give the illustration and design tools in Designer Pro a workout and create our own gold medal. And in the Xara Xone Gary Bouton has the promised follow up to his popular photo retouching movie, with more on the clone and mask tools. More below.

  • The offers are also pretty special this month. Firstly there’s a 30% discount on upgrades from Photo & Graphic Designer and Web Designer Premium to Xara Designer Pro. And with a new version of Movie Edit Pro Plus coming soon, we have a ‘stock clearance’ on the current version, a massive one-off 60% discount – if you have been thinking of adding some movies to your site, then grab this chance, it will never be cheaper! Both offers end 31st August, more info below.

  • Last but definitely not least, don’t miss the Inspirational Art this month, some exceptional images on a theme of Flying from 3 Xara artists.
A selection of work on a theme that always seem to inspire the best in Xara artists. Part 1 of Flight.
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Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Don’t forget that the Xara Xone now has its own forum too. If you have any questions or feedback on the current tutorials or movies (and right now it looks like a lot of people are having fun with flags!) head over to the Xara Xone forum.
  • Meanwhile, over in the Xara Art Gallery forum you can add your image to the Yin & Yang Corner or share your thoughts on foggy stereograms. Or why not make this the month when you jump in and start your own thread!
German Version of Designer Pro X
MAGIX has just released the German version of Designer Pro X, and it's available right now in the MAGIX online store.
New German version
More info on all localised versions

Xara News, As It Happens
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"If you need to whip-up stunning layouts for print or online, integrate your images seamlessly, and create and edit vector graphics like a pro, Xara Photo & Graphic Designer is one program you shouldn't miss. Xara's overlap of photo editing, vector drawing, page layout, and Web features make it useful, plus Xara is light on its feet and easy to love."

Xara Photo and Graphic Designer 2013 reviewed by Computerworld
Solid Drag & Resize

As you will all know Xara offers solid interactive drag and resize and that’s normally a great feature. But if you have a slow machine or a really complicated drawing it can sometimes be better to just show outlines rather than solid drag. This is easy to do. While dragging an object just tap the Tab key. Now all drag, resize and rotate actions show outline only. Simply do the same again to switch back to solid drag.
Don’t forget Xara has a big collection of movies on xara.com, and our new resource index is the best place to see at a glance what’s new – including movies and tutorials by third parties. And there’s several new this month!

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