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In this month's edition...

  • The big news this month is the launch of a new version of Web Designer! Web Designer 365 and Web Designer 365 Premium are available right now on for download and purchase.

    Highlights of Web Designer 365 Premium include parallax scrolling effects, new animation types, new sticky effects and a huge increase in content to name just a few. And it doesn't end there, because there are some significant improvements in Xara Online Designer too. You'll find an overview of the new features on our website, and more detailed information in the release notes. Links to all of these and our demo sites below.

  • We have short introductory offers on new copies, and on upgrades from Web Designer 11 Premium to Web Designer 365 Premium and and on crossgrades from the classic to the Premium version, more information below.
New Product // Web Designer 365

What's New in Web Designer 365 Premium...
  • Stick At Top
  • Parallax Scrolling Effects
  • Enhanced 'On Reveal' Animations
  • New Templates
  • All Business Themes Now Included
  • Photo Grids
  • New SmartShapes
  • Enhanced Xara Online Designer
....and a lot more.
   More Info...

Launch Offers // Web Designer 365
Featured Tutorial // Scrolling Backgrounds

Creating Parallax Effects in Web Designer 365 Premium

Other News
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.

Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Igor01 has been playing with shapes and colors again, here's his latest invention >>>. You can see the thread here, an impressive 32,000 views and 165 posts to date!

    If you are wondering how Igor creates these shapes then don't miss his mini-tutorial (including the xar file for 5 examples for download) amongst the Free Stuff on the Xara Xone.

  • In all the excitement over the new Web Designer, don't overlook the April Scribble Challenge, it's underway in the Challenge forum as usual.
Other News

Xara Online Designer Updated
Xara Online Designer gives you the ability to edit your Xara site in the browser, from anywhere and on any device! Web Designer Premium now includes an enhanced version of Online Designer as part of the 365 Update Guarantee, while there is a version with more limited editing features in Web Designer and for clients of designers using Web Designer to create their sites.
More about Online Designer
Feature Comparison

Photo & Graphic Designer 11 Offer
We are including a free back-up CD with all new purchases of Photo & Graphic Designer 11. The offer ends Sunday 8th May (excludes upgrades).
Info on Photo & Graphic Designer
Info on all current Xara offers

New Responsive Design for the Outsider
As you may have noticed the Outsider has a new design, which should work nicely on mobile devices. We'd be happy to hear any feedback from mobile users, or indeed from any readers who have comments or suggestions for improvement.
Contact the marketing team

Xara News, As It Happens
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Hints & Tips

Open Content Catalog (v365)
Here's our top new keyboard shortcut, you will find this one useful! Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K opens the Online Content Catalog in the new v 365.

And on the subject of the new Content Catalog don't miss the great new Search feature. It's now a snip to find exactly the template you require, you no longer have to browse thru all the folders!

You'll find Search at the top of the Content Catalog, note you should select All if you want to search the entire Catalog, but you can also select a particular folder to limit the search to that folder.

Press Reviews

"Xara Web Designer is a good WYSIWYG web builder, easy to use and capable of producing quality results."

Mike Williams is very quick off the mark with this early review of Xara Web Designer 365 for Download Crew.

See the full Download Crew review.
Read more Web Designer reviews.

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