• If you haven't upgraded your copy of Photo & Graphic Designer or Designer Pro to v10 yet, there's another chance to upgrade at Intro Offer pricing during the next week. We also have a short launch offer on the new MAGIX Video Pro X7, details on both below.

  • In the first of a tutorial series on the design and drawing tools, we start by looking at rectangles including how to edit the color and outlines, drop in a photo and add shadows, bevels and transparency. There are no new tutorials on the Xone this month as unfortunately Xone host Gary Bouton is nursing a broken leg, but irrepressible as ever he's hoping to be back in May. We wish him well.

  • As many of you have already noticed we have a brand new design on We hope you like the new look, and find it easy to navigate. All feedback and suggestions - on the look, content or navigation - are very welcome. Details in Other News below.

  • Don't miss our other news including two excellent featured TalkGraphics threads, and Inspirational Art. Finally web designers among you might want to keep a closer than usual eye on our news page in the next few weeks (or why not join us on Twitter, Facebook or G+ to make sure you don't miss any significant news - links to all in Other News below).
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Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • Igor01 is demonstrating his boundless creativity again in his new 'Life in a Square' thread. It's amazing what you get into a little square if you try. Well it's amazing how much Igor can get into a square! Here's one example for you >>>
    Find out what lives in Igor's other squares

  • Ron Duke is of course well known for his car images (see this month's Inspirational Art for an example) and very generously included the xar file for his illustration of a 1925 Ford Model T Panel Truck illustration, which you can download in the TalkGraphics thread here.

Rectangles Everywhere
Xara Site Updated
We've given a complete overhaul. We hope you like the new contemporary look and feel, and of course it's fully mobile friendly too. All feedback is very welcome, good or bad!
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Artist Gallery Updated
During April we've added some new work to the Gallery of Dave Cockburn, which is a good reason to check out the new layout of our Artist Gallery on, where you can now filter the images by theme as well as artist.
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Navigating the Designs Gallery
If you right click on an image in the Designs Gallery you'll see some options that will save you lots of time moving around the Gallery; 'fold section' closes the current folder, 'next section' take you to the next folder in the Designs Gallery and 'previous section' takes you to the one above.

Creating A New Default Document
It's easy to change the default settings for new documents, such as page units. Create a new document with the settings you want, select File > Save Template and check the option 'Use as Default Template'.

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