• For this month's tutorial we show you how to create a holiday postcard in Photo & Graphic Designer / Pro. Plus don't miss Gary Bouton's latest movie tutorial in the Xara Xone, where he creates an outdoor sign in Designer Pro, from concept to print, including useful tips on layout and typography. And as a bonus in the Xara Xone there's a guest tutorial on animated snow effects and *more* free stuff! All links below.

  • We have two offers for you this month. Firstly a free copy of Xara3D7 with every new purchase of Photo & Graphic Designer & Designer Pro. Plus there's an opportunity to try another of the multimedia titles from MAGIX, with a launch offer for Xara customers on the new MX version of Audio Cleaning Lab. There's only a few days left on both, more info below.

  • Don't overlook the news from TalkGraphics, where the community has started on an exciting font collaboration project in the new Font & Typography forum - their first font drawn in Designer Pro is already available now to download for free! And of course there are our other regular features, including Inspirational Art on a theme of flowers from six different Xara artists.
We showcase the work of six talented Xara artists, including three that are new to Inspirational Art. The theme is flowers, but each offers their own unique and very different style.
Visit the Xara graphics forums to discuss or find answers to your graphics needs.
Our pick of Top Talk this month:
  • TalkGraphics on twitter has been revived. Join in and get the latest updates here.
  • Anyone with any interest in fonts should check out the Fonts & Typography Forum. It's the new kid on the block but has more than 50 threads and almost 600 posts already (see more on their community font project below).
MAGIX MP3 MX (V18) has just been released and it's available in the Xara shop now. It's a great way to import, sort & search your music, and even make suggestions of new music you might like based on your collection. Find out more.
MP3 Deluxe MX (V18)
See all MAGIX titles on xara.com

New TalkGraphics Font
The TalkGraphics community have created their very own font, which is free for everyone under the SIL Open Font license. ‘Celebrated Burgeon Ornaments TG’ is a symbol font drawn in Designer Pro, based on a catalog of stamps originally used on pottery, glass and china, with TrueType and OpenType versions. Download the font and find out how you can join the font project (font #2 already underway!).
New Free TalkGraphics Font

Website Gallery Update
Lots of new sites added this month, looks like you've all been very busy! Don’t forget you can submit your site via the Publish tab (v7 or later).
Visit The Website Gallery Now

Tutorial & Movie Index
Plenty of updates to the resource index too, including a revised Web Designer 'first steps' intro for MX and a couple of short movies on the new features.
Updated Tutorial & Movie Index

Xara News, As It Happens
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"The graphics editor tools inside Web Designer are worth the price all by themselves because you can do so many things with your images. "

Xara Web Designer MX Premium reviewed by About.com
Moving The Color Line

If the color line is wider than your document, you can push the color line from side to side by holding down the Alt key and dragging on it.
Zebtoonz creates a cartoon drawing from start to finish in Xara Designer Pro 7.

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