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Inspirational Art : Ron Duke Cars

Some truly awesome car illustrations have been created with Xara Xtreme and they're always popular Inspirational Art features, so it's tempting to keep slipping them in. Well, we've resisted that temptation for almost 18 months so we reckon it's perfectly fair to return to the subject, especially give the quality of these masterful car illustrations from Ron Duke.

The images below all featured in a great TalkGraphics thread. Ron's original posting was intended to compare his technique now with three year's earlier - the blue car is the older of the two. Well, by most people's standards the blue car would be a triumph but seeing them side by side of course it is possible to see the improvement - in particular in the level of detail, the quality of the reflections and chrome.

This was Ron's original drawing from 2004:

And this is the image from last year, with a wireframe version below:

There are several variations on the theme in the thread but we particularly liked this one, with a snake pattern (Cobra, obviously) in the reflection:

A small change to the illustration (the reflection in the headlights) just goes to show how attention to detail can have a big impact on the overall impression of the image:

Follow the TalkGraphics thread for the complete story.